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Hello, I am Aaron Thomson, the franchise-owner of Pet Butler NJ. My goal is to make the lives of area pet owners more enjoyable by freeing up time and making their yard safe and clean for the family to benefit from. Our goal as "America's Pet Waste Clean Up Service" is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through our professionalism and quest for excellence.

I look forward to being your Pet Butler!

Take a look at what our customers are saying!

"Pet Butler is very dependable, and any questions I have can be answered through your neat website."
Larry I. - Jackson, New Jersey

"Pet Butler is always available anytime we have any questions or concerns, and the customer service is very friendly!"
Anthony G. - Toms River, New Jersey

"I couldn't resist calling to find out if you were for-real - and now I'm a customer - go figure! Pet Butler is the best! :)"
Abe T. - Brick, NJ

"I don't have any hesitations anymore with letting the kids and the dog out in the yard to play. Thank you Pet Butler!"
David H. - Lakewood, New Jersey

"Pet Butler is the best, no questions asked. I recommend anyone to use your services, and at your price, who can go wrong?"
Gino H. - Toms River, New Jersey

"Thanks Pet Butler"
Frank D. - Belmar, NJ

"I love it, my wife loves it, the kids love it, it's perfect!"
Anthony R. - Neptune, New Jersey

"We appreciate your service so much!"
Kathy Z. - Belmar, New Jersey

"I'ts so great to have someone come into my yard, clean up everything, and then go about their day, with no questions asked. I love it!"
Geri K. - Brick, New Jersey

"Pet Butler is the best in the biz and that's all there is to it. Point Blank Period."
J. S. - Brick, New Jersey

"Lifetime customer here, for sure!"
Susan M. - Manasquan, New Jersey

"I encourage anyone with a dog and a yard to use Pet Butler!"
Zack T. - Spring Lake, New Jersey

"I love the Entre-manure slogan!! lol"
Mike S - Lanoka Harbor, NJ

"I plan on using Pet Butler forever!"
Nick R. - New Jersey, New Jersey

"Hands down the BEST business ever created! Who could ask for anything better??"
Alex S. - Belmar, New Jersey

"We love the service and your trucks are super cool!"
Vinny I. - Allenhurst, New Jersey

"My dream of a consistently clean yard came true once I started using Pet Butler."
Rose B. - Spring Lake, New Jersey

"Thank you for all your outstanding work!"
Amanda S. - Ocean Grove, New Jersey

"Love your service. Very pleased with everything."
Jenny Q. - Toms River, New Jeersey

"There's no hassle when it comes to Pet Butler. If it wasn't for my poop-free yard, I would never know when they're there. It's such a convenience! Thanks Pet Butler!"
Tiffany V. - Toms River, New Jersey

"Great job!"
Megan J. - Ocean Grove, New Jersey

"An efficient,affordable and reliable business!"
Derek J. - Jackson, New Jersey

"Traveling for days at a time for work makes it very difficult to maintain my home, let alone the yard, but haveing Pet Butler around is definetely one less thing I have to worry about. Thank you!!"
Alexandra N. - Lakewood, New Jersey

"My yard looks as good as it did when i first bought the home, pre-dog poop. I'm happy again!"
Amber H. - Brick, New Jersey

"We're extremely content with Pet Butler..wouldn't trade you for anything!"
Vanessa B. - Howell, New Jersey

"We have complete trust in you and you always do a thorough job in our yard!"
Frankie G. - Lakewood, New Jersey

"Not only is our technician excellent at his work, he's so freindly with our children and with a family of six, that means a lot to us! Thanks SOO much Pet Butler!!"
Kayce C. - Belmar, New Jersey

"If it wasn't for you, it wouldn't get done."
Linda R. - Framingdale, NJ

"Keep on doing what you do because it's defienetly working! Good job!"
Norman F. - Allenhurst, New Jersey

"I couldn't keep my Princess if it wasn't for Pet Butler. You're the reason I went out and got another dog! I knew I wouldn't have to clean up after her, so why not?! Thanks you guys!"
Nicole P. - Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

"The servce is out of this world, couldn't ask for more. Thank you guys!"
Emanuel G. - Sea Girt, New Jersey

"Such a relief =)"
Anthony P. - Sea Girt, New Jersey

"Thank you Pet Butler!"
Jacob F. - Manasquan, New Jersey

"Thanks for making our lives not stink anymore! I'ts great!!"
Allison M. - Jackson, New Jersey

"Extremely impressed with the phenominal work done in my yard!"
Gary T. - Beachwood, New Jersey

"Very impressed!"
Jacki T. - Manasquan, New Jersey

"The funny thing about this is for many years I wondered why this business was never thought of, then before I know it, here comes Pet Butler!! Thank you for all your help!!"
Rosa D. - Toms River, New Jersey

"We hope you succeed for a veeeeery long time! Your services are wonderful!"
Gina H. - Forked River, New Jersey

"It's so great to be able to utalize our yard more often, it's been sooooooo long!"
Gilbert H. - Manchester Twp., New Jersey

"Pet Butler makes life so much easier!"
Jordan M. - Howell, New Jersey

"You're sayings are such a laugh. I'ts great you have such a sense of humor for such a stinky job! Thanks Pet Butler!"
Tommy L. - Manchester Twp., New Jersey

"Everyone should invest in Pet Butler!! What reason do you have not too?? The prices are totally affordable!!"
Harriet N. - Ocean Gate, New Jersey

"Our technisian ROCKS!!! He is the best thing to hapen to me and my "zoo"! We couldn't live without him so he is stuck with us for life."
Cynthia Y. - Brick, New Jersey

"Not only does the service impress me but the Odor Eliminator actually works! A total plus!"
Laura G. - Bradley Beach, New Jersey

"Pet Butler makes our lives so much easier, it saves us a lot of time :)"
Ashley F. - Manasquan, New Jersey

"I love your service and my backyard looks so great! I can now sit back there and not look around thinking "geez, would you do something about this disgusting crap? It's being done! Thanks Pet Butler!!"
Katie Y. - Toms River, New Jersey

"Now my daughter can play in the yard and not worry about stepping in any poop! I'ts awesome!"
Janice D. - Allenhurst, New Jersey

"We leave the disgusting job to you guys and you deliver each time..could'nt be any more pleased."
Sharon J. - Brick, New Jersey

"My dogs love the attention and the goodies they get from our scoopers..and I love the service. It doesn't get any better than that!"
Tammy J. - Beachwood, New Jersey

"This is money well spent. I hate to do it."
Kris T. - Manasquan, New Jersey

"I tell all my friends about how much I love the service."
Stephanie R. - Howell, New Jersey

"Very reliable business, never lets us down."
Michael M. - Sea Girt, New Jersey

"It's a great feeling to know that my yard is poop-free!"
Kely B. - Eatontown, New Jersey

"I'm not all "pooped" out, I have time to relax and enjoy the yard more!"
Kathie D. - Toms River, NJ

"I can put my yard to use a lot more now that it's actualy "poop-free" was getting a little ridiculous before Pet Butler came to the rescue :)"
Stephanie Z. - Allenhurst, New Jersey

"This service has been outstanding it's so great to leave the crap up to the professionals the odor elimanator made the yard smell wonderful! Thanks for the great service! "
John L. - Brick, New Jersey

"Pet Butler is great, such a convenience!"
John P. - Manasquan, New Jersey

"I love the service!"
Jason D. - Neptune, New Jersey

"Pet Butler has made my life so much more easier and i thank you so very much!"
Amy J. - Pine Beach, New Jersey

"You are professional and reliable... helpful and affordable."
Donna N. - Toms River, NJ

"have no desire to clean up after the dogs so having Pet Butler "doo" the job is such a big help."
Tony J. - Neptune, New Jersey

"Thank you so much for your excellent service."
Walter B. - Point Pleasant, New Jersey

"Between work, kids and a husband, who has time to clean the dogs poop??? Not me but Pet Butler does!!"
Giana O - Avon by the Sea, New Jersey

"Thanks for never letting us down Pet Butler!"
Jeremy U. - Forked River, New Jersey

"Pet Butler is definetely the best all around!"
Thomas L. - Bradley Beach, New Jersey

"I thought your prices were very, very affordable."
Sally S. - Farmingdale, New Jersey

"We appreciate your service very much."
Benny T. - Brick, New Jersey

"the kids love when the per butler comes to clean there turf "
Sam - Brick, NJ

"All I have to do is pick up the phone and call, it's as simple as that!"
Jeremiah D. - Pine Beach, New Jersey

"Very happy to have found you. All is well so far. Thanks!"
Samantha Z. - Toms River, NJ

"Thank God for the pooper-scoopers of Pet Butler! What a savior!"
Dolores V. - Point Pleasant, New Jersey

"Pet Butler is well worth the investment, no doubt about it!"
Jenna K. - Toms River, New Jersey

"It makes me so happy to have one less worry on my mind, I leave it in your hands and I'm always content."
Jackie P. - Ocean Grove, New Jersey

"felt like I was on top of the world when I found out I didn't have to pick up after the dogs anymore. You guys are the best business ever invented!!"
Valerie A. - Lavallette, New Jersey

"You guys are the best, thank you so much."
Emily L. - Manasquan, New Jersey

"You do a great job. Thank you!!"
Steven B. - Toms River, New Jersey

"My yard looks soo much cleaner and even smells better!! Pet Butler, you rule!"
Derek L. - Toms River, New Jersey

"One of my dreams came true when I found Pet Butler!"
Timothy M. - Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

"I didn't believe when my buddy told me he was using you guys, i thought it was a scam, but you've got a long time customer now!"
Jake L. - Avon by the Sea, New Jersey

"If it was up to me, the whole entire world would know about you guys! That's how much we love you!"
Angela D. - Manchester Twp., New Jersey

"I've been using Pet Butler for the last year and let me just say, best service Iv'e had in.........FOREVER! Thanks for everything!!"
Amy P. - Avon by the Sea, New Jersey

Mark L. - Brick, New Jersey

"You guys do a fantastic job!"
Lisa M. - Brielle, NJ

"I love Pet Butler!"
Carl V. - Howell, New Jersey

"Pet Butler is defienetly the BEST!"
Frankie D. - Bayville, New Jersey

"I was tired of watching where I was walking. My 18 month old son couldn't go out to play. I hope we don't step in poop now!"
Kristin D. - Neptune, New Jersey

"We'll keep providing the work if you guys promise to keep leaving smiles on our faces :)"
Michelle H. - Point Pleasant, New Jersey

"Pet Butler is one of a kind!!"
Robert L. - Neptune, New Jersey

"Keep up the good work Pet Butler!"
Amy J. - Beachwood, New Jersey

"It's my favorite service."
Fran C. - Oakhurst, New Jersey

"I can depend on Pet Butler beacuse I haven't been let down is great now that I have one less BIG thing to worry about!"
Kimberly T. - Lavallette, New Jersey

"The service from your company has completely changed mine and my family's lives, only for the better :)"
Jeanine F. - Bayville, New Jersey

"My yard looks great! They come when they say they will, and it makes my life alot easier! "
Clarisa S. - Forked River, New Jersey

"Great slogans, great service, great all around performance."
Deana J. - Toms River, New Jersey

"I wish I knew about you guys sooner but I'm glad I know now!"
Jennifer P. - Brick, New Jersey

"Job well done!"
Lisa R. - Spring Lake, New Jersey

"You rock Pet Butler!"
Jason M - Belmar, New Jersey

"If it wasn't for Pet Butler, who knows what my poor yard would look like!?! I'ts money spent with no hesitations at all!"
Lucas D. - Point Pleasant, New Jersey

"What a convience!"
Heather H. - Freehold, New Jersey

"So pleased with everything. No complaints whatsoever."
Johnathan D. - Avon by the Sea

"Pet Butler gives me the chance to enjoy so many other things i'd rather do than scoop my dog's poop up. I love it!"
Katie L. - Forked River, New Jersey

"I'ts very hard to bend and clean up after my Bella when i've been disabled for the last 2 yrs., but ever since I began to use your service, I can relax again. Thank you Pet Butler!"
Patricia K. - Lavallette, New Jersey

"I love you and so does my dog Skip. I'ts such a pleasue having you around!"
John K. - Pine Beach, New Jersey

"Maintaining a pet is much more conveneint with Pet Butler around."
Krissy H. - Neptune, New Jersey

"The best service I ever had."
Tom F. - Brielle, New Jersey

"I plan on using Pet Butler forever!"
Ursula R. - Lanoka Harbor

"Pet Butler makes life so much easier!"
Jordan M. - Howell, New Jersey

"I feel ike it's Christmas every week!!! I'ts such a gift!"
Cristal G. - Forked River, New Jersey

"What a great concept. Very impressed."
Dominick J. - Howell, New Jersey

"Thank you for all your generous help. It's greatly appreciated!"
Sam K. - Manchester Twp., New Jersey

"The service is phenominal, odor-eliminator is awesome, your truck wrap is fantastic, what more can you ask for??!!"
Jamie L. - Brick, New Jersey

"Prices are very affordable and the service is incredible."
Grant M. - Ocean Grove, New Jersey

"Finally, my kids can go and play in the backyard and not have to come in complaining they stepped in poop...I was tired of cleaning that up!! Thanks Pet butler!"
JoAnne O. - Point Pleasant, New Jersey

"Not once has Pet Butlerlet me down. Keep up the good work!"
Jeremy O. - Brick, New Jersey

"Not having to scoop up my 2 dogs poop anymore, is an undescribable feeling, and I owe it all to you guys!"
Theresa P. - Bradley Beach, NJ

"When you leave my home, I check the work, and I never see one spot missed...job well done guys!"
MaryAnne C. - Neptune, New Jersey

"I'ts such a relief having Pet Butler in me and my pug Gina's life. She knows when our tech's come to the house, and she gets excited beacuse she knows she'll soon have her space back to mark her territory all over again!! Great job!"
Cathy F. - Lavallette, New Jersey

"I don't have the time to do it, so I am thankful to have this wonderful service."
Mark P. - Tinton Falls, New Jersey

"Having a clean yard and being able to play back there with the kids and the pets, is a really cool thing. Couldn't be done without you guys though!"
Dana B. - Belmar, New Jersey

"I don't have to cringe my face when I enter my yard anymore, I can actually smile for once!"
Francesca N. - Brick, New Jersey

"I'm poop-free! Woo-hoo!!"
Alex V. - Toms River, New Jersey

"Such a relible business and affordable at that."
James H. - Bradley Beach, New Jersey

"Thank you for everything Pet Butler!"
James G. - Pine Beach. New Jersey

"I would constantly get yelled at by my wife for not cleaning up after the dogs, I'm lazy! But once I heard about Pet Butler, i jumped on the oppurtunity. Now my wife loves me again =) Thanks!!!"
Steven P. - Jackson, New Jersey

"Life's so much easier with the pooper-scoopers around!"
Diana B. - Jackson, New Jersey

"As any other person, I hate spending money but using Pet Butler is money well spent!"
Gary H. - Sea Girt, New Jersey

"You smell that? Me neither, thanks Pet Butler! :)"
George R. - Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey

"I love your service and your puns are hysterical! I'm poop-free, woo-hoo!"
Angela N. - Avon by the Sea, New Jersey

"Very reliable and dependable."
Crystal N. - Jackson, New Jersey

"I always look forward to my weekly service, it's a good feeling."
Emily T. - Allenhurst, New Jersey

"You're service is soooo valuable to me, words couldn't even explain. I Love having Pet Butler around!!"
Curtis L. - Ocean Gate, New Jersey

"It's obvious that your work is not just professional have hearts and your concerns for our dogs are greatly apprreciated."
Philip W. - Brick, New Jersey

"Pet Butler's services ensure a clean playing field for my three German shepherds who love to play kickball."
Jennifer P. - Tom's River, NJ

"Thanks Pet Butler."
Henry J. - Ocean Grove, New Jersey

"Not having to go outside in the middle of the summer just to pick up after the dog, is the best thing ever! I couldn't express my appreciation enough!"
Mary Y. - Bayville, New Jersey

"We totally love Pet Butler, they're lifesavers!!"
Samantha V. - Spring Lake, New Jersey

"I'ts such a pleasure to come home from work and know that my yard was taken care of thoroughly, that's some feeling!"
Edward J. - Beachwood, New Jersey

"I wish I used your service earlier."
Kim R. - Ocean Grove, New Jersey

"Always a job well done!"
Peter W. - Ocean Grove, New Jersey

"Thank you for your wonderful service."
Maria B. - Asbury Park, New Jersey

"I don't have to feel embarrased anymore when I have company over, I have Pet Butler!!"
Brittany T. - Brick, New Jersey

"It's so much more of a healthy environment for our dogs, so much more sanitary. Thank you for what you "doo"!"
Christopher S. - Bayville, New Jersey

"You're service is dependable, reliable, honest and affordable. Thank you so much!"
Pete G. - Beachwood, New Jersey

"The entire family enjoys having the service."
Tina S - Point Pleasant, New Jersey

"Great service, great idea, I never knew how much this would free up each day!"
Gail S. - Tom's River, New Jersey

"Two thumbs up!!"
Henry T. - Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

"We don't have to smell or step in it anymore!"
George B. - Tom's River, New Jersey

"No poop=priceless!"
Greg G. - Ocean Township, New Jersey

"We love this service and your funny puns."
Patricia J. - Toms River, NJ

"We've been overly impressed with our technician's performance, we wouldn't trade him for anything!"
Natalie P. - Spring Lake, New Jersey

"You guys are totally right..friends dont let friends scoop poop! Thats why we love our scoopers! Thank you so much, you're too kind!!"
Scott H. - Lavallette, New Jersey

"Our technician has been a blessing. He called us once in 2 yrs to explain he could not do our yard because he had been in a car accident. He took the time to call all of his customers to inform them he would be a day or 2 behind schedule. Keep up the great work. "
D.R. - Howell, New Jersey

"Pet Butler has made my life so much easier! When I get home the yard is cleaned already, and when you have 3 dogs, Pet Butler is well worth it!"
Jennifer M. - Forked River, New Jersey

"What a relief."
Jon C. - Asbury Park, NJ

"I love bragging to my friends about Pet Butler!"
Joe D. - Belmar, New Jersey

"I tell all my friends about your services. All positive things."
Jasmine D. - Lakewood, New Jersey

"We couldn't keep our pet without you."
Lisa K. - Ocean County, New Jersey

"Excellent idea and a job well done!"
Seth G. - Ocean Gate, New Jersey

"I dont know what it is but there's never a spot of poop left when our fellow scoopers leave...what can i say, you just know how to do your job and you do it right!"
Judith H. - Ocean Gate, New Jersey

"I love Pet Butler!"
Pat T. - Brick, New Jersey

"I would recommend anyone to use Pet Butler, trust me, you will NOT be dissappointed!"
Gina F. - Bradley Beach, New Jersey

"It's so refreshing to have your service. It's about time somebody thought of this idea!! Good job guys!"
Nicholas C. - Pine Beach, New Jersey

"Not only does Pet BUtler do a great job everytime they come to my home, but they give my 2 shih-tzu's treats every time!! They love it and so do I!! Thanks!"
Brenda J. - Ocean Gate, New Jersey

"Love the logo & convenience! Very professional!"
Valerie M. - Tom's River, New Jersey

"Thank you for the wonderful service! I am very pleased :)"
Krityn T - Lacey, NJ

"It feels great to walk around my yard without any shoes on. I can really run around with my kids and my dogs and finally enjoy myself! Thanks Pet Butler!"
Donna D. - Forked River, New Jersey

"I love all the extra services that you offer, especially Odor Eliminator - it actually worked!"
Patty F. - Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey

"Pet Butler is definetly #1 in the "#2" business!"
Scott S. - Oakhurst, New Jersey

"I never have to watch where I step in the yard, it actually allows playtime with my dog to be more enjoyable and less stinky!"
Lori V. - Toms River, NJ

"Great prices, great service, and no poop!"
Frank R. - Monmouth County, New Jersey