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Greetings from Pet Butler!

Don and Barbara Stone of Southlake, Texas are the Franchise owners of 'Pet Butler - America’s Pet Waste Cleanup Service'. The Stones acquired the Franchise Rights to a large area of North Texas which includes all of the counties of the Dallas/Ft.Worth MetroPlex. Their mission is to make the lives of pet owners more convenient, enjoyable, and safe. Don and Barb want you to “leave the disgusting job to us.”

This particular franchise is right up Don and Barbara's alley, as they are also the owners of Pet Love Mobile Grooming, here in the MetroPlex. Pet Love ( and Pet Butler ( are complimentary concepts. Both are in the Specialty Pet Services industry and serve Pets and Pet owners in the same geographical area. Many of our Pet Love customers are already Pet Butler customers and many Pet Butler customers have their dogs and cats groomed by Pet Love.

Don and Barbara invite you to try their latest service, because...........Pet Butler is #1 in the #2 business.

Take a look at what our customers are saying!

"I never knew something like your service actually existed but when i found out that you actually did, I felt like my prayers were answered!"
Marion O. - Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

"Our Pet Butler is awesome! She gives us incredible customer service and is so eager to please! We really really appreciate her help and so does our puppy Mason! "
Rachel L. - Dallas, Texas

"Don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank you!"
Sarah W. - Justin, TX

"I will never scoop poop again! Pet Butler will you marry me?!"
Kristy C. - Irving, TX

"Not what I expected from someone that picks up crap all day. Thanks for not letting us down."
Shawn M. - Dallas, TX

"Poop scooping is something I always hated as a kid and now that I'm "all grown up" I've got Pet Butler to end the pain! Thank you."
Rolando B. - Dallas, Texas

J. Montenez - Carrollton, TX

"Pet Butler has simplified my life. Not only are my dogs happy to have their yard free of poop - so are my kids!"
Melany S. - Frisco, Texas

"My husband’s stomach can handle the gutting and cleaning of a deer but he wretches while cleaning our back yard. If it weren’t for you I would have to do it. Thanks Pet Butler!"
Debbie W. - Corinth, TX

"I dont have to warn people about the "land mines" in my backyard anymore!"
Ashley H. - Tx

"We’re using our backyard again – thanks!"
D. Asbury - Richardson, TX

"We love your service!"
Nancy & Justin G. - Frisco, TX

"It's GREAT!! My 2yr. old can play outside without me worring about the mess!!!!!"
Marie B. - Grapevine, TX

"Thank you so much for taking my crap."
W. Gardner - University Park, TX

"Outstanding, reliable and fair prices."
Garrett B. - Hurst, Texas

"Keeps your yard from smelling bad in the heat. It is inexpensive and convenient. Great if you have children who want to play in yard."
Michelle G. - Murphy, TX

"We have been using our yard a whole lot more since we found Pet Butler. Excellent investment!"
Margaret L. - Rockwall, Texas

"Your ad was a very welcome site to my soar eyes, soarer nose and soarest back!"
Edward R. - Fort Worth, TX

"The Best Service Hands Down ! "
Cuban B. - Martinez, CA

"I saw you guys are franchising pooper scooping - that is hilarious! Congrats on your success. I'm almost tempeted to join you. Paige and I wish you all the best - your service has been outstanding. We don't even think about the issue any more."
Kevin S. - Flower Mound, Texas

"When I heard some had a Dog waste removal business I laughed and laughed - and then signed up :)"
Sherrie S. - Frisco, TX

"We wouldn't own a dog with out you!"
T. Frank - Addison, TX

"I would have never imagined such a professional company in such an unpleasant business. You are to be commended on the ingenious marketing and top-notch customer care you have achieved. I’m a Pet Butler Raving Fan for life!"
Virginia B. - Keller, TX

"Great job! Please keep up the good work ‘cuz I promise we’ll keep providing you with plenty of work!"
K. & B. North - Southlake, TX

"Fantastic service. At first we thought "who in the world would hire someone to scoop their dog's poop? Then 2 weeks later I realized the answer: Us!""
Patricia L. - Corinth, Texas

"I never expected or even considered highering a pooper scooper but when I saw your ad I couldn't stop thinking about it. Great idea - and well done."
B. Janson - Arlington, Texas

"Thanks for cleaning our yard on such a short notice."
Lisa F. - Allen, TX

"My Pet Butler Denise really is awesome. Every time I see her she is happy to talk and just loves all over my dogs. She's a keeper and so are you!"
Charlotte P. - Irving, TX

"Not only does it give you less to worry about, but they poop scoop way better than I do!"
Dawn L. - Dallas, Texas

"You must REALLY love what you do! Thanks for getting the stuff out of my sight!"
S. Lucas - Mesquite, TX

"I don't know if I could have had a dog without you. I have found you to be very reliable, honest, affordable and friendly. Charlie is just wonderful! My health has been so bad over the past year and you have really been a life saver. Unfortunately my dog Mortikai just had to be put down but as soon as I am able to adopt another friend I will be calling you back - I just hope Charlie never graduates from grad school so he will never leave you He deserves a big raise! Thank you so much."
Pat W. - Fort Worth, TX

"Four dogs . . . reason enough!"
R. Polk - Carrollton, TX

"Thanks for a great job!"
Carlie J. - Richardson, TX

"Someone here is thinking out of the box. Guys, you've got a $$$$$ business here - lots of elderly people still love their animals and have a hard time taking care of the "details". You've probably saved lots of pets from being destroyed or abandoned because of good people just unable to perform the very services you offer. Thank you from a devout member of the ASPA for years now. Great job, great idea, good luck & God bless!"
Fran B. - Richardson, Texas

"Dog poop is no longer part of my life - you guys can have it all! It's not my "dooty" any more!"
Paul C. - Fort Worth, Texas

"I love Pet Butler!"
Mary J., - Oak Cliff, TX

"I’ve often wondered why someone didn’t do something like this… I’m really glad I saw your ad. Please don’t go anywhere!"
A. Ogilvy - Flower Mound, TX

"Pet Butler visits my yard twice each week. Although my 3 dogs “visit” it more often, it stays clean. For a while I thought that I could keep up but I seemed to stay “behind” their pace."
Duane H. - Dallas, TX

"Love the service and funny sayings."
Robert K. - Southlake, Texas

"Excellent job on the first visit."
Kerry R. - Fort Worth, Texas

"Better you than me!"
Henry U. - University Park, TX

"In times of injury or physical stress, this service is a God-send!"
Effie E. - Garland, Texas

""Well dung" - now that's funny! No more poo is all I ask, and your rep Todd came through. Good work."
Perry C. - Fort Worth, Texas

"This is an incrdible service! Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Patsy P. - Plano, Texas

"My children have rediscovered playing in the back yard!"
Christy C. - McKinney, Texas

"Poop Scooping franchises? Now I've heard it all! Well, if your gonna do something, be the best at it! - Pet Butler is the BEST!"
Jason P. - Plano, Texas

"I don’t know how you stay in business with the prices you charge but I’m not complaining – please don’t change a thing!"
M. Rippee - North Richland Hills, TX

"No poop is a goooood thing!"
Jason R. - Mansfield, TX

"I love that you always answer your phones! Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Up!"
Karina M. - Little Elm, Texas

"Pet Butler is very professional and easy to work with."
Kimberly M. - Plano, TX

"I'd get rid of my maid and yard man before I let you go."
S. Ferguson - Dallas, TX

"Outstanding idea! We're amazed you are so professional and organized. You definitely are the masters of poop cleaning! If my wife would let me I would consider a franchise... but I want to stay married! :)"
James K. - Park Cities, TX

"I am amazed at the affordability of your prices – I expected them to be about twice what they are!"
M. Records - Irving, TX

"It's the best money I've ever spent."
C. Hart - Frisco, TX

"My yard looks great!"
Theresa H. - Grand Prairie, TX

"Great service. Love your humor."
Derric G. - Mansfield, TX

"We are very happy with the services you have provided and hope the quality and thoroughness continues."
James Z. - Sachse, TX

"We really look forward to being outside now that you guys are getting all the gross dog poop out of the yard."
Kate B. - Plano, Texas

"Picking up after our 2 dogs was too much of a chore as we aged, so your service was a welcomed discovery we saw one of your trucks in out area and called for HELP!"
James D. - Garland Tx.

"Wonderful service! My dogs are happy and I don't have to step around poop!"
Prachi D. - Irving, Texas

"WOW - the only evidence of two black labs is the water bowl. Amazing!"
April B. - Richardson, Tx

"Thank you for answering your phone and always being available when we need you."
Roselynda and Humberto G. - Garland, Texas

"We plan on getting a big dog for Christmas now that the poop issue is not a factor anymore. Please don't let us down!"
Rachael P. - Murphy, TX

"This service has provided me with more free time to enjoy my dog. These people are dependable, easily recognizable, and I feel safe with them in my yard."
Sue Ann S. - Mckinney, Tx

"Pet Butler has been very professional since the very first visit. Im extremely happy!!!"
Cathy B. - Plano, TX

"I don't know how you stay in business with prices that low but I'm not complaining! Our scooper does a terrific job."
Perry M. - Keller, Texas

""It's awesome not to ever have to worry about "landmines." and your yard no longer stinks."
Erin C. - Carrollton, Tx

"I gave this service to my wife for Christmas 2 years ago.. She still thinks its the best Christmas present ever! "
S. B. - Lewisville, Texas

"We love our service."
Kari W. - Little Elm, Texas

"I will never scoop poop again! (Just don’t leave me!)"
Carroll T. - Mansfield, TX

"Very glad we found you. I'm sure we'll use our yard a lot more now. Thanks!"
Yolanda W. - Roanoke, TX

"It's amazing the franchise opportunities out there today! Pet businesses must be hot! Glad you're doing well - keep up the good work."
Jared C. - Watauga, Texas

"I've seen you all over Dallas / Fort Worth for years and finally had to give in and try you for myself - wish I wouldn't have waited so long! Terrific work - nice service operators."
Chris Y. - Irving, Texas

"We could not walk through the yard without stepping in poo. We foster homeless dogs, and now that the yard is clean we have a great outdoor play area thats poopfree!"
Stephanie R. - Flowermound, TX

"I used to not want to go in my backyard because of the sight & smell, now I would love to sit back there!"
Kelly J. - Flower Mound, Texas

"The yard looks much better. You are one of a kind!"
Terri K. - Carrollton, Texas

"I know what all my friends are getting for Christmas: Your gift certificates! What a hoot! You are too funny!"
Gabby A. - Dallas, TX

"No one at works believes I hired someone to scoop or dog's poop! I need more Pet Butler "poopons" to give them."
Sonny H. - Sachse, Texas

"I hired a pooper scooper company to come out twice a week and scoop poop in my backyard. Oh happy day. It's the best money I have ever spent - only $100.00 a month!!! ( )"
RSW - Frisco, Texas

"Now if I could just hire you to clean the INSIDE of my house too!"
Keena F. - Southlake, TX

"Poop Scooping for a living... better you than me! Very professional website, sign up process, field tech and materials left behind. Impressed!"
Gary M. - Keller, Texas

"I'm a hard working single person with 3 dogs. You have helped "clean up" my nights and weekends to spend time with my babies and my friends can now remember what I look like!"
Deborah B. - McKinney, Texas

"You are a God-send."
M. Lambert - McKinney, TX

"My dog loves his new pooper scooper service! The poop is gone and my yard is cleaner than ever. Pet Butler is the best scooper for me!"
Samantha P. - Dallas, Texas

"If left up to me and my busy schedule, my yard would always be full of crap."
Stacey M. - Dallas, Texas

"I'm no longer afraid of my 2 year old stepping in something my dogs left behind. Thanks Pet Butler!"
Kathy H. - Plano, Texas

"Cute slogans and puns. We appreciate Pet Butler very much. Your people on the phone are always so nice."
Carmen S. - Southlake, Texas

""Got Poop?" No, not any more thanks to you!"
Barry W. - Dallas, Texas

"Great marketing! Whoever came up with all your Pet Butler advertising is a genious. Congrats on your success!"
Paul V. - Prosper, Texas

"My husband used to be my hero - now it is the smiling man in the pressed khaki shorts who cleans my yard so the kids can play again! - I love you!!."
D. Budner - Highland Park, TX

"Pet Butler's service is remarkable. I don't know how they manage to stay in business as low as their prices are along with the high level of service they provide. I thought they would go out of business within 2 months and now I've been with Pet Butler for over 4 and a half years."
Margaret S. - Richardson, TX

"I'll never do your job again. Pet Butler, my pooper scooper, is now my favorite service. Please keep up the great job - Lord knows my husband won't!"
Paige B. - Plano, TX

"When I saw your ad that said "We Scoop Poop" I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to read it several times even though it couldn't have been more obvious what you do. Excellent idea! We are hooked after just one visit!"
Shona P. - Frisco, TX

"It's really nice to finally be able to enjoy going out in our backyard. We really appreciate our Pet Butler - he's great! Give him a raise!"
Jeremy and Sheila C. - Colleyville, Texas

"With Pet Butler I don't have to do a job that I really don't like doing and my kids can enjoy the yard that much more!"
Christian E. - Arlington, Texas

"What a relief. I will poop scoop no more!"
R Watson - Dallas, Texas

"We’re very happy with what we’ve seen so far."
Martin B. - Denton, TX

"Pet Butler has made our yard safe and pleaseant to enjoy!"
Lara N. - Irving, Texas

"I work like a dog and don't have the time or desire to clean up after our 2! So much more relaxing in our beautiful yard when The Butler has taken care of the "little details.""
Brenda B. - Dallas, Tx

"Excellent idea. We are delighted to be using your services."
Hank G. - Fort Worth, TX

"Love your service concept - makes me wish I owned a dog! :)"
Brian M. - Frisco, Texas

"Original pet waste service, very friendly. I can play fetch with my dog in the backyard without having to worry about her running through poop."
Lindsey D. - McKinney, Tx

"Nicely done. We have begun referring."
G. Hardaway - Southlake, Texas

"I feel much safer letting my toddler play in our yard now – Thanks!"
M. Ringfeldt - Grand Prairie, TX

"You provide a much needed service that takes the drudgery out of cleaning the yard up after your pet. You give the owner more time to enjoy pet ownership by taking care of the mess."
Brenda L. - Dallas, TX

"We have 3 large dogs and cleaning the yard seemed like a never ending ordeal. It is such a relief to know that someone else has already taken care of it."
Tonya P. - Grand Prairie, Texas

"We are a current customer and just want to express our appreciation. Our technician comes every Friday and leaves the yard spotless. She provides a service that enables us to enjoy our dogs so much more! Even the dogs are happy to see her cause she is so nice to them too! "
Sheryl G. - Mansfield, Texas

"We are pleased. Your representative was very friendly and polite. Love the way you do your message on your trucks."
Sheri N. - Mansfield, Texas

"I will never scoop poop again! (Just don’t leave me!)"
Carroll T. - Mansfield, TX

"Not a moment too soon, we really needed you! Please keep up the good work!"
Patti R. - Frisco, TX

"Pet Butler does an excellent job at a fair price. It’s such a relief I don’t have to do it."
Amy D. - Dallas, TX

"I now have a clean yard - finally!!"
Betty R. - Richardson, TX

"What will they think of next?! Whatever it is, I’ll probably want it! You guys are great!"
Beatrice V. - Coppell, TX

"I never knew a service like yours existed. I’m so glad I found you!"
K. Allen - Irving, TX

"Good job and fair prices. We will refer you."
Paige O. - Corinth, Texas

"We will refer you. (I already have). Hope to never have to pooper scoop again! Your service is a God-send."
Lexi D. - Dallas, Texas

"No more scooping, disposal, or bad smells, they make me sick due to allergies - Thanks Pet Butler!"
Jan V - Highland Village, Texas

"Your service is a great asset to all communities. If only everyone used you!"
Tonya C. - Allen, TX

"I just wanted to say I LOVE your advertisements I dont live in Dallas anymore andI never got to use your services personally but a few breeders out there that I work closely with love you guys, I wanted to say you guys need to move to Lawton, OK and the surrounding area. I need some help with my Great Danes! I just wanted to say what a fantastic idea for a buisness and I would have loved to have been a part of it in its concept phase. Keep up the good work!!!! "
Hilliary M. - Dallas, Texas

"When my neighbors hear about you, you’ll be begging for a break!"
W. Pullin - Parker, TX

"My children have rediscovered playing in the back yard!"
Christy C. - McKinney, Texas

"Continue to do what you do well!"
Madison K. - Lemon Lake, TX

"We will be referring Pet Butler. Excellent service! Michael was clean and friendly."
Margie B. - Sachse, Texas

"Service is great as is."
Rebecca & Gary B. - Argyle, TX

"I am very impressed and appreciate the crappy job you do!"
Laura D. - Arlington, TX

"After 2 and a half years of your service, my family could not be happier with you. We’re glad to be prepaying the next 12 months at the big savings. …During this Thanksgiving season - you are appreciated!"
A. Carter - Lewisville, TX

"This is my year to outsource everything and you are the first company I called! My time is too valuable and you guys are too cheap! (Don't tell the boss I said that!)"
P. Nolan - Plano, Texas

"We are very grateful for your reliability, integrity, and business ingenuity."
K. Lawther - Richardson, TX

"I fought with my husband and kids about getting a dog until they told me about Pet Butler. I'm actually considering letting them get a SECOND dog now that we don't have to worry about the poop stinking everything up! My friends the ____ will be calling you soon."
Patricia R. - McKinney, Texas

"There's never enough time in the day. Pet Butler has given a little of it back to us."
Julia K. - Keller, TX

"He got me a maid, I got him a pooper scooper service. All's fair!"
Melissa B. - Tx

"Thank you for your deopendability. My kids LIVE in our backyard!"
Sarah M. - McKinney, TX

"The yard is easier to mow, and my kids can play more!"
Gavin F. - Fort Worth, Texas

"I work alot and have 2 young kids. I'd often go days at a time without having a chance to clean the yard before dark. Thanks to Pet Butler, my kids have their playground back!"
Robert L. - Fort Worth, Texas

"Our yard looks MUCH better. Thank you."
Karl P. - Carrollton, TX

"Why doesn't everyone use a Pet Butler? We'll never leave :)"
J. Bailey - Frisco, Texas

"Fast!!!! We were impressed with the service our first visit"
Kara R. - Keller, TX

"It’s so nice not to have to beg someone to clean up the yard. We have two large dogs and Pet Butler always does a good job with a good attitude!"
Janet S. - Fort Worth, TX

"We are your biggest fan. Thank you for doing our doo doo!"
Cynthia B. - Fort Worth, TX

"Brandon was very professional and thorough on our 1st cleaning. Nice, light-hearted way you do your advertising. Who knew poop could be worth so much?!"
Jeremy C. - Plano, Texas

"I've never seen a business as original as Pet Butler."
Tessa A. - Prosper, TX

"Good job. Professional and fair prices - we will recommend you."
Shawna R. - Frisco, TX

"Your service is so good it almost makes me want to buy a franchise! (almost!) :)"
Bobby F. - Lewisville, Texas

"My son was supposed to be doing it but now half his allowance goes to Pet Butler instead!"
Patricia F. - Mesquite, Texas

"I just had my first cleanup & I love it! I walked around my backyard without fear of poop on my shoes for the first time in years!"
Brandi M. - Carrollton, TX

"Dog waste is all gone and the yard is usable once more - 100% satisfied. Impressive welcome package too. Can't believe you are franchising! Congrats."
Gordon D. - McKinney, Texas

"Pet Butler is an awesomeservice!! They do the job that no one wants to do and its very affordable!!"
Dawn D. - The Colony, TX

"Great work. Glad we found you - I'll never scoop dog poop again. Jason is a great guy."
Thomas W. - Plano, Texas

"Good job!"
Barry T. - Plano, TX

"Pet BUtler is the best gift my dogs and kids couls have asked for. Now we can all enjoy our yard. Thank You!!!"
L Johnson - Frisco, TX

"One less thing to argue about or remember to do. Glad we found you."
T. Chambers - McKinney, Texas

"My yard looks wonderful you’re through cleaning! I can’t even tell we have dogs!"
Ellen W. - Cockrel Hill, TX

"I heard you are now franchising - congrats! We have really enjoyed your service since our first baby was born 6 years ago. Now we've got 3 of them and another dog too but have only changed personal Pet Butlers once that I know of. We're done with having babies but not with our one and only pooper scooper - you!"
Tammi and Kent P. - University Park, Texas

"I was tired of watching where I was walking. Pet Butler gives me back 30 minutes a week. How much is my time worth? Thanks Pet Butler!"
Wanda P. - The Colony, Texas

"Your service is great!"
Coutrney C. - Lucas, TX

"Don't know how I lived without it this long. Very friendly company."
Laura D. - Arlington, TX

"Very well done. Thanks for keeping your prices low for regular Joes like me."
Kerry P. - Garland, TX

"Your scooper did a great job today. It was your first time in my yard. I realize it will take several weeks before my yard really gets back to normal but just having the smell gone is good enough for me! Thanks again."
Cindy T. - Haltom City, TX

"You guys are great!"
Kelly B. - Bear Creek, TX

"Cost is worth time and convenience."
Antoinette M. - Dallas, TX

"In comparison to other companies, Pet Butler is much more thorough and do a much better job! Thanks for keeping our lives poop free!"
Michael G. - Plano, Texas

"One of my dogs began using the bathroom in the house. I couldn't figure out why he wasn't going outside. I decided to call Pet Butler to come clean my yard because I was so busy to clean it myself. I thought maybe a clean yard might help my dog use the bathroom outside again, and sure enough, once the yard was clean poodying outside became fun again!"
Miranda P. - Grand Prairie, Texas

"Smart concept. Like your slogans."
Chad D. - Mansfield, TX

"When I read the article about a "Pet Waste Cleanup Franchise" I thought it was either a joke or a misprint. I'm glad I was wrong. We love your service and have already recommended you to friends. Keep your sense of humour and you'll go far."
Camille T. - Frisco, Texas

"Health issues were an important factor in the decision to use Pet Butler. We consider Pet Butler to be the "expert" to help us keep our yard clean and healthy."
Peggy L. - Coppell, Texas

"Your guy was here on Saturday and a I've got to tell you that he was very thorough, very professional, very polite and I am VERY impressed!"
Dawn K. - Dallas, TX

"Good idea. We appreciate your service."
Paul F. - Mesquite, TX

"I love not having to watch my step in my yard!"
Jessica F. - Carrollton, Texas

"Our yard never looked better. I tried to force my husband to scoop our dog's poop but he always fought me over it. Now even our dog is happier! Pet Butler's service has been a great decision for us."
Trina A. - Frisco, Texas

"Who would have ever guessed that a poop scoop service company could grow and succeed like you have. Excellent... everything! Long live Pet Butler! :)"
Terrin L. - Fort Worth, Texas

"Who would have thunk it! What a unique but needed service."
Kara C. - Rockwall, TX

"My husband works hard & long hours. The poop wasn't getting scooped & with 2 new puppies, my yard was filling up fast! I needed help so my husband could enjoy his weekend & not have to scoop poop! Pet Butler had great rates and even a coupon! Score!"
Lisa R. - Rowlett, Texas

"My German Shepherd loves the Pet Butler! If he does, than all dogs must! Thank you!"
Vicki C. - Flower Mound, Texas

"We’re happy!"
Margaret S. - The Colony, TX

"I'm tired of yelling at the kids to pick up the poop, I've got too many other things to yell at them about. Just kidding, there are so many battles to raising kids I didn't want poop to be one of them!"
Clare B. - Dallas, Texas

"Saves me time and headaches!"
S. Baldwin - Plano, TX

"Our resident satisfaction has definitely risen since we started your service."
A. Rogers - Post Properties

"So that’s what a normal backyard smells like! We couldn’t be happier – Thanks!"
K. Shepherd - Oak Cliff, TX

"Our dog Sampson now has a new best friend - and so do I! :)"
Pamela B. - Prosper, TX

"Good value and reliable service. We also appreciate your friendly phone operator."
Evelyn H. - Duncanville, TX

"Your service has been great and very reliable. Thank you."
Heather W. - Dallas, TX

"Part of me wants to keep my new favorite company a secret while another part wants to tell the world… what are your referral rewards again? Just kidding, I’ve already told all my neighbors about my new Pet Butler!."
Rhonda M. - Murphy, TX

"I just wanted to write a quick note and tell you that I love your service and that our backyard looks great! Whoever "does" our yard-is doing a fantastic job! We received your service as a Christmas present and we will definitely continue the service for years to come!"
Holly A. - Dallas, Tx

"We don't know how you do it - we're just glad you do! (or should I say "doo"?) :)"
Paula H. - Frisco, Texas

Jesse P. - Richardson, TX

"How you do it I'll never understand - I'm just glad you do! Pet Butler, you are my new best friend! :)"
Careen T. - Richardson, Texas

"I think our kids are enjoying your services even more than we are. Good job!"
Stacy S. - Dallas, TX

"I don't have to worry about disposing of my pet's waste!"
Amelia S. - Fort Worth, Texas

"We're Pet Butler Fans for Life!"
Paul H. - Garland, Texas

"Very thorough clean up and extremely friendly employees! It will keep your pet healthier w/ proper disposal of waste!"
Scott W. - Dallas, TX

"It's great to see a clean yard every week!!"
Colleen S. - Dallas, Texas

"I'm impressed to say the least. Plus, my wife is finally off my case about the friggin dog mess in the yard! I'm sold."
Rob P. - Keller, Texas

"My dog Jake loves you and so do I."
Venessa P. - Ft. Worth, TX

"Very well "dung". :) You guys are a hoot!"
Marion P. - Murphy, TX

"Not bad, we are more than satisfied."
Paul S. - Lewisville, TX

"Wonderful service! My dogs are happy and I don't have to step around poop!"
Prachi D. - Irving, Texas

"Pet Butler is reliable, helpful, and a great service!"
Rachel L. - Dallas, Texas

"Surprised at your professionalism and pleased with your prices and monthly debit options."
Hailey Z. - McKinney, TX

"Outstanding concept and terrific customer service - we are Pet Butler clients for life!"
Clark and Amanda F. - Dallas, Texas

"Great marketing - very memorable."
Charlie H. - McKinney, Texas

"It was great not to have to worry about pet waste when I entertain in my comfortable back yard setting."
April S. - Lewisville, Texas

"I don't know when you came but the yard is clean and I am happy (so is our dog... and son!)"
Sally L. - Fort Worth, Texas

"We're very happy to have our back yard back - the doody is done! Keith was very nice and professional too."
Charity Y. - Dallas, Texas

"How did we ever own a dog without you!"
Fran G. - Colleyville, Texas

"Yesterday, your company came and did the first removal on my yard. It really looked great when I came home for lunch! The dogs went outside and sniffed through the entire back yard, probably wondering what in the world happened to all the gifts they had left me in the past few weeks! Thanks for a great job!"
B. Ahlman - Coppell, TX

"I hired Pet Butler to do what needs to be done, but I don't always have the time to do on a consistant schedule."
Paula P. - Plano, Texas

"Thank you for a great job this past year."
Carrie L. - Plano, TX

"My kids can finally use the backyard again."
B. Kroger - Dallas, TX

"Oh my gosh! How can you live without it! I'd MUCH rather do without Starbucks or cable to afford it! You are VERY FUNNY... great attitude towards the subject "matter!" If you are a proctologist or a pooper-scooper, you'd better have a sense of humor."
Brenda B. - Dallas, Tx

"Without Pet Butler, we wouldn't have a dog. Reggie (our dog) loves his clean backyard... and our shoes do too!"
Lisa W. - Corinth, Texas

"The neighbors want you to call them (thank God!)."
R.P. - Carrollton, TX

"Just don't tell my husband."
Bonnie K. - Keller, TX

"My son could not be happier to give you half of his allowance. Poop scooping (or "Pet Butler-ing") has always been a hassle and a fight to get done - now it's a non-factor! Michael is very friendly and nice."
Emily A. - Arlington, Texas

"We really appreciate your service and reliability."
Oran P. - Flowermound, TX

"God Bless! Ya’ll a great company!"
Corrie R. - Double Oak, TX

"Deciding factor: I missed my tee time cleaning up the yard!"
J. Pena - Farmers Branch, TX

"I’d never know you have so many customers. Your personal touch makes me feel very important. Your service is like Neiman Marcus for dogs!"
G. Fulton - Arlington, TX

"For several years I did not take Pet Butler serious. I though: "Who would be so lazy as to pay someone else to clean up after their dog?" but after cleaning my own yard twice a week for the past decade I understand all too well. I don't know why it took me so long to call - if I had known your prices earlier I would have called a lot sooner! I will remain a loyal Pet Butler Poop Scooping customer for as long as you keep providing the excellent service I have received thus far. 100% satisfied."
Charla D. - Cedar Hill, Texas

"Excellent idea. Hope you do very well. Our yard looks better than it has in a LONG time. You can scoop our poop any time!"
Tom V. - McKinney, Texas

"What a relief! We haven't even been using your services a whole month yet and already I wonder "Where have you been all my life?" We have 3 large dogs, so you can imagine the mess. The yard used to smell all the time and we never wanted to go outside to play with the dogs because it was always a minefield. Problem solved! You have brought happiness back into our home! "
Tonya - Fort Worth, Texas

"Couldn't be morre pleased."
F. Patrioni - Garland, Texas

"My husband & I both work full-time so when we are home, we don't want to clean the back yard in addition to everything else we do. We just want to enjoy the space... the CLEAN space!"
Debbie P. - Frisco, Texas

"Wish we had found you years ago. Great concept!"
Hildi P. - Colleyville, Texas

"Cleaning up after your pets does not have to be a requirement to own one. Friendly service and the price is reasonable. I have used one for years."
John W. - Plano, Tx