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Greetings from Pet Butler!

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, June, 2012 – The husband-wife team of Tracy and Tony Barker, have purchased the franchise of Pet Butler, the nation’s leading pet waste cleanup service. The Barkers service the areas of Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Geist, Zionsville, and Avon.

Pet Butler provides professional pet waste cleanup and removal services for individual homeowners and their pets, as well as for multi-family communities and parks. The company proudly bills itself as “#1 in the ‘#2’ business.”

Take a look at what our customers are saying!

"The service is absolutely hassle free. It is wasn't for my poop free yard, I wouldn't have evern known they had come."
Jay A. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"Pet Butler has made my yard look so much better, thank you! "
Susan H. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"We think you are a wonderful business and do a fantastic job!"
Lisa S. - Carmel

"This service relieves the stress and guilt from having to figure when will be time to clean the yard. Also, my pets are happy & free to roam freely without the mis-hap os landmines!"
Courtney H. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"The kids spend so much time outside, I love my clean yard!"
Rita C. - Zionsville, Indiana

"Thank you so much for the service you offer."
Gavin P. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"Thanks for my clean yard Pet Butler!"
Michael L. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"Scooping has been taken off my "Things To Do" list, thanks to Pet Butler! Our technician is very friendly and thorough!"
Libby B. - Carmel, Indianapolis

"Thank you so much, you guys are the best!"
Sam L. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"You guys rock!"
Justin T. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"This is the greatest service in the Indianapolis area! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Julie S. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"What a great idea!"
Don B. - Carmel, Indiana

"We LOVE the service!"
Lisa B. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"I'm very pleased and comfortable with the level of professionalism and dependability of the technicians. It feels like more than a "business that serves". It's like a service in business."
Shirly D. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"You guys do a fantastic job, thanks so much."
Laura R. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"Due to both of us working it has provided a more healthy environment for our dogs."
Timothy L. - Fishers, Indiana

"This service helps save me so much time, thanks!"
Colin S. - indianapolis, Indiana

"Yes, its great not to have to pickup after Osa anymore out there! LOVE IT! "
Jannette T. - Indianapolis, Indiana

"We love Pet Butler!"
Paula D. - Indianapolis, Indiana