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Animal Waste | A Growing Problem

Lurking in the yard of animal lovers is a silent danger: pet poop. Animal waste carries all sorts of disease and your dog will present you with two to three piles of waste, on average, every day. We know that protecting your family is one of your highest priorities and we want to help!

Waste Disposal at Pet Butler

We will send one of our certified technicians to you at a convenient time to collect and dispose of your pet's waste. We will then bring that waste to a landfill so that it won't wash into the water system and pollute our community. We safely and affordably dispose of thousands of pounds of animal waste for customers every year. To keep your family safe and save yourself time call Pet Butler and let us serve you by picking up and properly disposing of your pet's waste!

Customer Testimony

'Who wants to pick up their dog's dootie? I have better things to do with my time. Pet Butler's pooper scoopers come, they scoop, they leave, and I have a perfectly clean and healthy lawn. Way to go!"

Frank from Destin, FL