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Health and Safety

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Many communities have "pooper-scooper" laws that attempt to manage Dog Waste cleanup, and despite those efforts, we've all experienced times when an irresponsible pet owner did not follow the safety guidelines. Unfortunately, the effects of that sort of carelessness not only affect the community’s health, but other four-legged family members too.

These laws do help, but still fall short of educating pet owners in the full value of picking up after their pets. Pet waste is more than a simple nuisance. Pet poop can pose serious health hazards to our community, especially if left to “naturally decompose”.

There is an increasing problem with regards to proper pet waste disposal in both urban and suburban areas. Researchers have proven time and again that water quality is negatively impacted by pet excrement. Pet Waste management is a dilemma that can be easily corrected through education and organizations, like Pet Butler, that share common sense of responsibility and care.