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Greetings from Pet Butler!

To call Pet Butler San Antonio 210-842-1387.

Eric and Miranda Hoffpauir are the founders of the San Antonio branch of PetButler, our goal is to make the lives of area pet owners more enjoyable by freeing up time and making their yard safe and clean for the family to benefit from. Our goal as "America's Pet Waste Clean Up Service" is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through our professionalism and quest for excellence. Our love for animals has driven us to become the caring (to the spoiled point) responsible pet owners that we are today. We are experienced in the Pet Waste Clean Up and Removal and will be servicing you soon.

If you ever need to get in touch with us our local number is 210-842-1387. Our email address is We can be easily contacted with either of these methods.

Take a look at what our customers are saying!

"I really wasn't sure what to expect out of a pooper scooper but the service was so professional and efficient that I will definitely be calling them again. "
Paula F. - San Antonio, Texas

"It is very nice to coem home and play with the dogs in the backyard without worrying about poop "bombs" to step on. Pet Butler has brought our war on poop to an end!"
Mary K. - San Antonio, Texas

"Fostering multiple retired racing greyhounds and working full time seemed like an impossible task for my husband and me until Pet Butler showed up. Now we can focus on enjoying the dogs on the weekends instead of worrying about our yard. Our neighbors couldn't be more happy because our yard doesn't stink. Thanks for helping us keep up a positive impression of these dogs in our neighborhood! "
Shelley C. - San Antonio, Texas

"No we can do other things we enjoy instead of scooping and can enjoy our yard at any time!"
Madeline L. - Helotes, Texas

"It's such a relief to have the unpleasant chore to be taken care of by a professional who does a better job than I do anyway!"
Tabitha B. - San Antonio, Texas

"The Pet Butler has been a wonderful Friday friend for my two lab puppies. He has been with us since they were tiny. Now they are two 90lb. labs full of love and energy. They love their Friday friend. Couldn't ask for anyone better. "
Christy O. - San Antonio, Texas

"Our service has been excellent!"
Ronald H. - San Antonio, Texas

"I have three Great Danes, so I know how valuable this service is to me. It used to take me an hour a week - now I'm hands off and lovin' it!"
Felipe G. - Helotes, Texas

"I have more time for my family; It doesn't take much for pet waste to become unmanageable, and now I don't have to worry!"
Ella G. - San Antonio, Texas

"Cleaning the yard was such a hassle and after getting a 2nd dog, sometimes I could not play with the dogs for fear of stepping in poop. Now our yard is once again a playground for the dogs & me."
Prachi D. - San Antonio, Texas

"With my terrible gag reflex, Pet Butler has kept me from my normal reaction to cleaning up dog poo."
Regina V. - San Antonio, Texas