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What are the requirements?

You are responsible for supplying the necessary, safe equipment/supplies needed for care of your pet(s), including but not limited to: a sturdy, well-fit collar or harness for walking to and from shuttle or in case of emergencies and treats restrictions, allergies, and/or medical issues. You authorize any purchases necessary for the satisfactory performance of duties. You agree to be responsible for the payment of such items, as well as service fees for obtaining items, and will reimburse us within 7 days for all purchases made. We provide a leash. You represent that the dog(s) is/are free of any infectious disease and that the animal(s) are vaccinated for DHPP, Bordetella, Influenza and Rabies. You represent that the dog is free of contagious parasitic problems, whether internal or external (including fleas and ticks) and is free of any contagious skin disorder.

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