Marketing Plan

Why Your Pet Industry Business Needs Traditional and Digital Marketing

If you ask 10 people what they think the best way is to market their business, you will likely get 10 different responses. Some people will tell you that digital marketing, which includes social media and paid advertising, is [...]

profitable business

How to Turn Your Pet Passion Into A Profitable Business

Throughout the United States, you can find dog lovers and dog owners everywhere. According to the American Pet Products Association and census statistics, there are approximately 78 million dogs living in 44% of the almost 127.6 million households. That [...]

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy: Running Your Business With the End in Mind

You may be the sole owner of your business, have a partner or a family-owned business. In any of these types of ownership structures, savvy business owners will consider their options for exiting the business soon after they start [...]

diversify your business

Strategies to Diversify Into A More Stable Recurring Revenue Business

There are two ways, in general, to bring more revenue into your business: sell your products or services to more people; or get your current customers to buy different products or services from you. If you look at an industry [...]

Work Life Balance

5 Tips to Improve Work Life Balance

Finding the right balance between work and the rest of life can seem like a daunting task. It has become even more challenging as technology has advanced. Between smartphones, tablets and laptops, most of us can do our jobs [...]

email campaign

9 Tips to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Do you ever feel like your email inbox is overflowing with emails selling everything from candles to clothes to cars? Unless a consumer needs a product or service, it’s possible that those emails go directly to the trash folder [...]

marketing plan

Marketing on a Budget: 7 Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Your Business

A marketing strategy is an essential part of a company’s business plan. It helps your business be seen by potential customers, whether that is through direct mail, e-mail, website, social media, ads or in person. However, many companies don’t have [...]

increase sales

4 Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales and Boost Revenue

The goal of any business is to attract new customers and bring in more sales and revenue. However, a business can increase sales and revenue by selling more products or services to its existing customer base. While it is [...]

email metrics

4 Email Campaign Metrics To Track For Measuring Success

Ten years ago before social media became the juggernaut that it is today, email campaigns were one of the newest marketing tools for business owners. Consumers’ inboxes were flooded with emails, drowning many of them out unless they really [...]

motivate employees

4 Ways to Motivate Employees Without Spending Money

Customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of a business. One way to help improve customer satisfaction is to make sure your employees are motivated and enjoy their job. A study from the University of Missouri found that when businesses [...]