How Do I Create a Positive and Productive Workplace?

While customers are the drivers of your business, so are your employees. Employees that are satisfied and enjoy coming to work are statistically more positive and productive. According to an article by Forbes, highly engaged employees and teams can increase [...]

How Do I Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance while Growing My Business?

Finding the ideal balance between your work life and your social life can be hard. When you add starting your own business into the mix, it becomes an entire new tear of tough. While having that hustle and devotion to the [...]

Going the Extra Mile For Your Customers

Have you ever experienced a situation where someone went above and beyond for you? Ideally, when it comes to being a consumer, you have probably experienced this a time or two in the past. When it comes to quality [...]

Pet Butler Stimulus Plan For Existing Pet-Industry Business Owners

Sometimes you have to struggle to scoop good news these days… But for Pet Butler, which provides pet-waste removal (scoop poop) and other pet-related services to residential and commercial clients, the franchisor has good news for existing pet service [...]

The Scoop On Pet Waste Removal

 Pet Butler’s very own Jessica and James Friley were featured in the November 2020 issue of Pet Boarding and Day Care. Passionate about dogs and their business, Jessica and James Friley, the owners of Man’s Best Friends Pet Resort in Belton, [...]

Veteran Finds New Career – Helping Keep The Environment Clean

Mary Lester was recognized in The Franchise Journal’s Veterans 2020 issue. After a 32-year-year military career that included a stint in Afghanistan, Lester retired from the Missouri Army National Guard three years ago. The Tallahassee native, who also worked as a [...]

A Stimulus Plan For Existing Pet-Industry Business Owners

A takeaway from 2020 is being deemed an essential business that provides some clarity for business planning purposes. For example, at Pet Butler, we have been operating as an essential business meaning there has been little interruption during COVID-19. Our Franchise Owners have been steadily gathering [...]

Creating Engaging Content

Creating Engaging Content  

Content is king. This mantra reigns true amongst all industries. Quantity is not enough for content to succeed. They must have strategic quality. What an organization puts out must serve a purpose. Creating engaging content doesn’t have to be a [...]

Pet Butler Welcome New Franchise Owner Kelly Amundson

Pet Butler is proud to announce its newest franchise owner, Kelly Amundson of Rochester, MN.  Kelly is no stranger to running a business. Back home in Minnesota, Kelly and her husband Marty currently own three other businesses for over 20 [...]

Why Invest In A Pet Waste Removal Franchise

Pet Butler has many great reasons as to why you should diversify your business portfolio with us.  From investing in a growing industry to our social mission, we have everything you need to grow a successful and profitable business. [...]