Cesar Jimenez - Pet Butler Business Owner

Welcome New Pet Butler Business Owner Cesar Jimenez

Pet Butler, a business that serves pets and their people, announced that Cesar and Rachel Jimenez have been awarded two territories following a resale from an existing Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ multi-unit owner. The new management took over operations in May after [...]

Business Goal Setting

Did You Achieve Your 1st Quarter Goals? 

Is anyone looking at the calendar and scratching their head wondering where the first quarter went? Yes, I am certain it happens to the best of us. Time marches on. We get busy in reactive mode, especially when business [...]

Successful Books For Small Business Owners

Top 8 Books To Read For Successful Business Owners

Part of being successful is constantly expanding your mind and growing your knowledge. One of the best ways to do this is by increasing your personal library to be full of educational and inspiring reads. However, when you are [...]

SEO and Local Listings Image

How Can I Improve My Local Listings? 

As a small service business, your online presence is crucial. Simply showing up at the top of the search page will make a large difference in website traffic, leads, and conversions. The team at Pet Butler is the leading [...]