Grow Your Business: Guiding You Down the Path of Recurring Revenue


Recurring revenue is one part of the Pet Butler business model. The other is your business plan which will focus on your top and bottom line.

Going into business is about making your life better, creating employment opportunities for others, and making your customer’s lives more enjoyable. While there are no guarantees, owning your own business can be financially rewarding and provide you the freedom, flexibility, and financial security that you seek.

Pet Butler services are repeatable and create recurring revenue, which is critical to building a sustainable business. Recurring revenue allows for predictability in terms of cash flow, labor, and marketing. Recurring revenue also allows you to build an asset over time that you can sell or transfer to family members.

Top and bottom line focus.

It’s easy to understand why your bottom line performance is equally as important as your top line growth. This too is the power of franchising. The Pet Butler support team will help you construct an annual business plan and provide you with the tools, reports and oversight to keep you on track.

Low Overhead is Key

Most Pet Butler franchises will start their business from their home. As the business grows we encourage you to move to a facility that will allow you to store trucks, host production meetings with employees and host local events such as Facebook live videos with local rescues and their adoptable pets.

Efficient Routing

We utilize routing software to optimize your route plans making sure you maximize each vehicle. We will optimize your marketing programs targeting where you already have customers to increase the density of your routes.

Customer Service Efficiency

As sales are made on your behalf, customers are added to routes that you have predetermined making sure we are building the desired density. Stops can also be added in real time allowing you to be responsive to customer needs.

Recurring Customers

The model of a Pet Butler business is to build a predictable and sustainable revenue stream. Throughout the year you will continue to add customers and you will also naturally lose some customers. Unfortunately, dogs pass away, people move, and financial situations change. Through all of this, the goals is to retain a high percentage of your customers and add more each year.

Decades of knowledge and experience helping Franchise Owners manage profitable growth.

Marketing and Support

Pet Butler continues to drive Franchise Owner marketing performance through its marketing services team. Leverage over 40 years of marketing expertise as our proven systems and support drive a constant flow of new customers.

National Call Center and Back Office Support

A state-of-the-art national call center that closes sales, schedules your work, coordinates billing and provides customer service to your existing customers all while utilizing the same proprietary software platform that runs your business.

Collective Knowledge

Surround yourself with like minded business owners and a support team who are motivated to help you achieve the same Freedom, Flexibility & Financial Security that other franchise owners have realized. Together we can achieve much more together than we can do individually. That is the power of franchising.

Diversify Your Business

By adding a Pet Butler franchise to work in conjunction with your current business and leverage the systems and support of Pet Butler to grown both businesses establishes a recurring revenue stream that is both recession resistant and meets the growing needs of the pet service industry.

Meet James

James is the COO of Spring-Green Enterprises,Inc. , President of Pet Butler, LLC and President for Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp. James is known for his straight forward approach and his direct marketing tenacity.