Collective Knowledge: Sharing Knowledge Accelerates Your Success

At Pet Butler we know that knowledge is power. That’s why we cultivate an environment where the collective knowledge of the organization is shared with all. There are virtually no issues, questions or challenges any owner will face that haven’t been confronted before or that others are not experiencing.

By creating a community environment with events, leveraging technology, utilizing data and fostering collaboration around best practices from across the organization, we can propel everyone’s success faster than it could likely be done on your own.

The strength of franchising is in the collective knowledge of the Franchise Owners, staff and vendors. This means for us to succeed we must harness that knowledge, build systems and processes to support the needs of our Franchise Owners and distribute best practices system wide. This mindset will accelerate our growth as an organization and drive Franchise Owner profitability. Together we can go further and faster than we could independently. These are the foundational principles of our organization and we have 40 years of experience practicing them.

Some highlights include:

Business Intelligence

Pet Butler has created detailed analytics and reporting to provide insight on a Franchise Owners performance. We call this our business intelligence and it allows us to take an objective look at your performance against your goals and your peers. This level of detail provides your business with the needed information to make decisions on improving efficiency, profitability and growing your revenue.

Annual Business Planning

Each year a high percentage of our Franchise Owners visit the support center to spend 1.5 days focusing on their business. The planning session can be customized to the Franchise Owner but often includes the following: SWOT analysis, short and long term goals, culture, marketing performance, debt analysis, cash flow analysis, etc.

Purchasing Power

Being a service provider, Pet Butler does not consume a significant amount of materials, however we do leverage the collective buying power when it comes to our marketing materials and marketing support. With two growing franchise systems under our parent company, we can work with leading digital marketing agencies, achieve highly competitive rates for our direct mail and leverage existing infrastructure that would not otherwise be affordable if we were a standalone business.

National Training Conference

This event offers you the opportunity to recharge your batteries, reconnect with your peers, support center staff and key vendors. At this biennial training conference, you will learn new systems and procedures that will improve the performance of your business. You will learn from professional keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and messages from the leadership team on the overall performance and direction of the company.

Franchise Owner Leadership Group

The franchise owner leadership group is a diverse collection of Pet Butler Franchise Owners from all over the country who meet and provide input to the executive team. This group continues to influence the areas that we reinvest in and acts as a sounding board as the Pet Butler organization grows.

“If somebody has a concern about something you can put it out there and you can get a response from the other owners.”
-Bill Ewing, Boca Raton, FL

Meet Brian

Brian’s position is at the center of our organization. His team works across department lines supporting the needs of operations, marketing and finance with the data and analysis that helps our department leaders make decisions and recommendations to Franchise Owners.