Industry-Leading Marketing and Support

We don’t have to tell you how fierce the competition is out there. We don’t just compete with other pet services companies, we compete with a homeowner’s choice on where to use their discretionary income such as the dry cleaner, grass cutter, the house painter and more.

How do we cut through the clutter and present a well-timed and compelling offer to the right pet owner? That is target marketing at its finest and this is where Pet Butler excels.

It starts with selecting a desirable territory

We will look at the demographics of the surrounding area to which you live or operate your existing business and we will look for a high percentage of your territory to have discretionary income. We will also utilize our tools to determine the relevant search traffic online utilizing targeted keywords. Collaboratively by utilizing these methods (tools), it will give us an idea of demand in the area. While those are not final in factoring the territory selection, for selection, it will help us understand if the market already understands the service or if there will be a need to educate the market on the service.  This may adjust the type of marketing we conduct on our initial launch.

Once the territory is defined, then it is on to a comprehensive marketing plan

You will discuss best practices, bring in local market data including competitive shopping and keyword analysis, set your budget and leave with the needed confidence to know that your marketing plan will get executed by our team of marketing experts.

Next it’s on to building out your database and scoring your prospect file

Pet Butler will supply a database of all single-family homes within your territory adding additional attributes to make this list more targetable. We will utilize our customer data model to score your file to indicate the likelihood that a homeowner may use our service.

Execution of your targeted digital plan

The marketing services team will setup and optimize your local web pages, monitor your reputation on social media, manage your local directory listings, solicit and build out your testimonials and manage your pay per click, targeting and retargeting paid media campaigns. In addition, they will utilize email marketing tactics to target unconverted prospects and to bring them back into the sales pipeline, often directly into the online shopping cart.

Executing your targeted direct mail campaigns

In the spring, Pet Butler sends a series mailing to a targeted list.  This includes prospects in target subdivisions and prospects that scored well in our modeling, former customers, customers who inquired but did not convert in previous years, and neighbors of existing customer. Other direct mailing opportunities include unconverted lead postcards, new neighbor mailings, cancel mailing postcards, Back to School fall mailings and ad hoc targeted mailings on demand. These are highly targeted mailings with custom offers and pricing that will help build density in areas you currently have customers.

Next up, the National Call Center – Focuses on closing all leads and inquiries

The National Call Center handles all inbound inquiries for service and converts a high percentage of these calls the first time. If an inquiry is not converted a reason code is captured and a multiple follow up calls are scheduled and made on your behalf.  The lead is sent to a technician’s route and a door hanger is hung with a personalized note, Pet Butler information, a free gift and coupon for an additional savings. When this get completed then lead information comes back in the call center’s que for an additional follow up call. Additionally, the lead begins to receive a series of emails with incentives to sign up. Finally, if the lead remains unconverted after 5-7 business days an automatic postcard gets sent with an additional incentive.

Local events and grassroots marketing

Participation in local events and creating partnerships with local businesses and other pet service providers will raise awareness of your services and brand. By participating in these events, such as parades and wellness fairs, you’ll explain your service and earn trust in the marketplace. This trust allows your marketing to perform better, driving the business forward.

Comprehensive marketing analytics review

You will have ongoing access to Pet Butler’s marketing service team. With you in the driver’s seat, they will complete a comprehensive marketing plan, reviewing your previous year’s marketing activities performance and develop a marketing plan that fits into your business plan. Here are some of the marketing activities we complete for our Franchise Owners.

Pet Butler offers a strategic blend of grass roots brand building and high-tech database marketing. At the intersection of these two approaches is the value in franchising. Each party focuses on what they do best and together they drive the business further and faster than either could do independently.
Here a is a comprehensive list of the marketing support provided:

Here’s a glimpse of the marketing support we provide:

  • Search Engine Marketing: Build and manage your online paid media campaigns (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook).
  • Search Engine Optimization: Build and optimize specific market landing pages.
  • Local Listings Management: Manage 65+ directories across the web.
  • Social Media Management: Create, manage, and publish relevant content for consumer engagement.
  • Email Marketing (prospect): Create timed and relevant content and offers to re-engage prospects.
  • Email Marketing (customer): Manage relevant and timely content that adds value to the customer.
  • Website Shopping Cart: Oversight and management with a focus on increased cart conversion.
  • Database Targeting: Model and score your prospect database, providing direction on targeting.
  • Direct Mail Management: Target direct mail to dog owners likely to use our services.
  • Collateral Material Management: Create promotional materials including brochures, business cards, and more.
  • Marketing Planning: Utilize a marketing playbook to quantify the expectations of each activity.
  • Social Mission: Work with local rescue groups to promote pet adoption.

Knowing there is a constant flow of activity going on from our prospect behind the scenes that’s generating new customers to me is a very powerful engine to help propel the business.” 
-Bob Dailey, Phoenix Valley, AZ

Meet Gillian

Gillian and her team are responsible for all traditional marketing (offline) which includes direct mail, collateral support and signage. Gillian also provides oversight to the Pet Butler National Call Center and back office support center.