Profitability: Guiding You Down the Path of Profitability

Increasing your revenue is just one part of the equation when adding a Pet Butler franchise to work in conjunction with your existing business. Your business plan will focus on your top and bottom line.

Developing and sustaining healthy margins is the fuel that drives your profitability.

We’ll help you boost your margins by tightly managing labor, keeping routes efficient, and up selling services. You’ll learn how to pass along price increases greater than the rate of inflation and retain customers by providing superior service.

  • Low Overhead is key. Most pet industry businesses will co-locate their Pet Butler operations with their existing pet industry business, keeping costs down. It’s not uncommon to share office staff as the business grows. In fact, that is what we do here at the Support Center.
  • Established National Pricing Programs with key distributors ensure you’re getting favored pricing on supplies.
  • Efficient routing results in one scooper per truck and not a crew.
  • Industry-Leading technology and Business Software efficiently handles scheduling, routing and invoicing.
  • Skilled and knowledgeable marketing team to help advise and monitor not only traditional marketing but digital marketing.
  • Business Planning is the key to setting goals and achieving them. Your dedicated business consultant will help you guide your business operations and marketing decisions to stay on track.

“The business planning experience is about analyzing your short and long term goals in a mini-strategic planning session. In addition your business consultant will help build a business plan that will maximize profits and provide a monthly budget.”
-Ryan Doll, Business Consultant

He is Ready. Are You?