Our History: Building Something Great

Our vision for the Pet Butler organization is simple: To create a business that enriches the lives of the pets and the owners we serve.

  • We want to be a national brand that provides exceptional local service.
  • Our organization will focus on providing pet related services that allow our Franchise Owners the opportunity to build a profitable and successful business.
  • We will become great at attracting and retaining customers.
  • Our brand will remain playful and fun and we will live our core values.
  • We will put the pets and the customer at the center of our decision making.
  • We want our Franchise Owners to be actively involved in their local communities supporting the rescue of animals.
  • We will provide knowledge to our customers in the areas of pet wellness.

Our executive team expanded its vision for growing our organization. As a second generation, family-owned business, we had built a strong foundation and we designed our road map to becoming a multi-brand franchising company. We formed Spring-Green Enterprises, the parent company to Spring-Green Lawn Care, and we began our search for a second brand.

Here is the list of the must haves that we used during our search for a second brand:

  • Home service – outside the home.
  • Similar value system – respect for its Franchise Owners.
  • Franchise model – high margin and low overhead.
  • Recurring revenue – high retention of customers annually.
  • Highly scalable business model.
  • Did not require set appointments with the customer.
  • An organization with significant potential for growth.
  • An organization that would benefit from our 45+ years of experience.
  • An opportunity to build and operate a company-owned franchise in the Chicagoland area.
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Meet Tom

Learn more how Tom led the evolution of the Spring-Green Lawn Care parent brand for more than four decades.