History: Building Something Great

Bill Fischer and Tom Hofer left their respective Illinois family farms to study agriculture and economics at the University of Illinois. They joined the same fraternity and developed a mutual desire to pursue opportunities beyond the family farm. After college, Tom went off to the Vietnam War, and Bill pursued a brand new industry called lawn care.

America's Pet Waste Cleanup Service

In 1977, Bill Fischer founded Spring-Green Lawn Care.

When the friends reunited and began evaluating Bill’s growing lawn care franchise enterprise, Tom saw an opportunity to scale the success. Tom became one of the first Spring-Green franchise owners and his business doubled in size each of its first three years. In 1980, he rolled his business into Spring‑Green Lawn Care Corporation and joined the company’s executive team. The company’s destiny as a pioneering lawn care business committed to franchising and its franchise owners was set in motion.

William Fischer and Richard Gretz for Spring-Green Lawn Care Corporation. Tom Hofer opens his Naperville, Illinois Spring-Green franchise location.



Tom Hofer rolls his franchise into Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp. and joins the executive team.
Tom Hofer assumes the role of president and CEO of Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp.



Pet Butler of Central Ohio opened.
Spring-Green – $15.2 million in revenue.



Matt “Red” Boswell opens his Pet Butler business.
HomeTask was formed.



HomeTask begins offer Yellow Van Handyman franchises.*

Pet Butler – $1 million in revenue. Matt “Red” Boswell begins franchising Pet Butler franchises. Ted Hofer rejoins Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp. with a succession plan in mind.



Pet Butler – $2 million in revenue. Matt “Red” Boswell merged with Pet Butler of Central Ohio. Jason Varas de Valdes purchases the first Pet Butler franchise and opens in Fairfield, California. James Young is named President of Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp.

Pet Butler – $3.7 million in revenue.



Pet Butler – $4.4 million in revenue. Spring-Green – $32.4 million in revenue.

Pet Butler is sold to HomeTask Franchise Brands. Ted Hofer is named CEO of Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp.



HomeTask begins to offer Lawn Army franchises.*
Pet Butler celebrates its 25th anniversary.



Pet Butler Truck
Ted Hofer purchased the Chicagoland area Pet Butler.

Spring-Green – $50 million in revenue.



Spring-Green Lawn Care celebrates its 40th anniversary.
Spring-Green Enterprises acquires the Pet Butler franchise system from HomeTask on June 1st, 2017.

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