Mission: Enriching the Quality of Life in the Communities We Serve

Pet Butler is an organization made up of smart, inspired, and animal loving people. Our purpose outlines a noble cause, and our services are impactful to the families we serve, the animal rescue world, and the franchise owners who operate as our strategic partners. Pet Butler is an exceptional organization made up of special people with big hearts, doing great things.

Awareness about stray dog rescue

The Pet Butler Chicago franchise has been working to bring awareness to dogs in need of rescue through local animal shelters.  At no cost to the rescue groups, Pet Butler has been leveraging their local social channels to feature and focus on one rescue and their adoptable dogs per month.

Free voucher book for a month

Additionally, to ease the transition of new dog owners, we have been giving our featured rescues a voucher book for a free month of service for any adopters.

Our online campaigns with the Chicago Pet Butler franchise reached

We believe our mission transcends pet waste removal or the self-interest of any one individual. Of the many benefits an organization can contribute to society, helping solve the pet overpopulation problem and promoting pet adoption to save the lives of homeless pets.

By taking our mission across the country through our network of franchise owners, everyone associated with Pet Butler benefits:

  • Our customers benefit by receiving remarkable services.
  • Our associates benefit from rewarding and fulfilling careers.
  • Our franchise owners benefit from owning successful businesses they can be proud of.
  • Pet Butler Support Center benefits from an expanding system of successful, strategic partners.
  • The pet rescue world gets the support of a national franchise system, which in the end will save thousands of pet’s lives.

Core Values: Guiding our Behavior with Customers and Each Other

At Pet Butler we don’t believe in winning at all costs. We consider ourselves successful only when we win and at the same time live the values that are important to us. The following five statements define our core values, “the should and should not’s” that govern our decisions.

Customer Focus

Put the voice of the customer at the center of all business decisions.

Pursue Common Goals

Align goals among team members, franchise owners and the support center to achieve a desired outcome.


Be honest and fair in dealings: 1) with Pet Butler and its associates, and 2) on behalf of the company with customers, vendors and franchise owners.


Contribute to the introduction of new ideas, methods and processes for the purpose of improving Pet Butlers’ model, system, customer experience and efficiency.


Be steadfast in doing something despite difficulty or delay in realizing success.

He is Ready. Are You?