Meet Pet Butler: Owner Profiles

Don’t take it from us. Hear it from existing Pet Butler owners instead.

The benefits that come with starting a new business with Pet Butler may be best explained by the entrepreneurs and pet industry business owners who have already joined us. Look at each of their story’s and identify with the owners who might be most like you, watch the videos and download their full profiles. Learn from their experiences and discover how a Pet Butler franchise can help you achieve your goals of Freedom, Flexibility and Financial Security.

Succession Planning from the Beginning

Bob and Janet Dailey

Owner of Pet Butler
Gilbert, Arizona

After a successful career as an executive, Bob Dailey sought a business he could invest in while including his wife and grown children. He knew from the beginning that he wanted to a build recurring revenue business that his family could get involved with and ultimately transfer ownership to. Together with their daughters, Julianne and Jennifer, Bob and Janet are the proud owners of a Pet Butler franchise generating over $500K in revenue servicing the Phoenix Arizona, area. It’s a family passion, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Commercial Niche

Coby Hough

Owner of Pet Butler
Silver Springs, Maryland

Coby Hough & Sean Alewine were partners in an automotive business and accustom to managing more than 20 employees. They sought diversification and a business model that had recurring revenue. With Pet Butler they liked the ability to scale the business, increasing revenue while limiting their work force. Coby had a knack for finding commercial contracts through local and regional government offices and now generates more than 60% of his revenue through commercial accounts with placement and servicing of dog waste stations. Coby and Sean are focused on expanding their residential business and have set their sights on building a multi truck operation servicing Silver Springs and the surrounding area.

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50 Truck Mobile Groomer Diversifies with Pet Butler

Don Stone

Owner of Pet Love Mobile Grooming and Pet Butler
Dallas, Texas

Don is one of the largest mobile groomers in the country operating over 50 trucks in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area. Don and his son Jared knew that diversification was a smart business decision and that Pet Butler was a great complement allowing for the cross sell of services in both directions. They knew a franchise partner would accelerate their learning curve and eliminate the need to take their focus away from their existing business. They saw tremendous value in the back office support that Pet Butler provides, handling all the billing and customer service as well as sales calls and web lead flow up.

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A Local Legend

Pete Hulse

Owner of Pet Butler
Columbus, Ohio

Growing up in a small town Pete had a strong set of values and a love for pets that he wanted to infuse into the business he built. Knowing that he had the support of the back office, Pete has focused on building his team to exceed his customers’ expectations and staying very active in his community. Pete services the Columbus, Ohio market and in 2018 his revenue exceeded $600,000 for the year.

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Pet Fanatic

Aimee Braatz

Owner of Pet Butler
Waukesha, WI

Aimee Braatz came to Pet Butler with a successful background in corporate America as well as a proven track record as an entrepreneur.Once she learned of Pet Butler franchising opportunity, Aimee was hooked. The chance to bring those services to her community with the support of the franchise system behind her, along with being involved in Pet Butler’s social mission to support and partner with local animal rescues, made it a clear choice as her next career step.

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