Meet Pet Butler: Owner Profiles

Don’t take it from us. Hear it from existing Pet Butler owners instead.

The benefits that come with starting a pooper scooper business with Pet Butler are perhaps best left explained by the entrepreneurs and pet industry business owners who have realized them. Visit each owner’s summary below, identify with the owners who might be similar to you, watch the videos and download their full profiles. Learn from their experiences and discover how a Pet Butler franchise can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Bob and Janet Dailey

Owner of Pet Butler
Gilbert, Arizona

Together with their daughters, Julianne and Jennifer, Bob and Janet are the proud local owners and operators of Pet Butler in Arizona, servicing Phoenix and the surrounding cities. It’s a family affair, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Coby Hough

Owner of Precision Tune Auto Care and Pet Butler
Silver Springs, Maryland

You may have known this Pet Butler before as Doody-Free Lawns. Coby has been in the pooper scooper business since Spring 2005, and the business has been growing rapidly ever since. He joined Pet Butler to provide their customers with an even higher level of service.

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Don Stone

Owner of Pet Love Mobile Grooming and Pet Butler
Dallas, Texas

Don acquired the franchise rights to a large area of North Texas which includes all of the counties of the Dallas/Ft.Worth MetroPlex. Pet Butler is right up Don’s alley, as he’s the owners of Pet Love Mobile Grooming, and many of their Pet Love customers are already Pet Butler customers and many Pet Butler customers have their dogs and cats groomed by Pet Love.

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Pete Hulse

Owner of Pet Butler
Columbus, Ohio

Growing up in a small town gave Pete a set of values that made customer service a natural choice. For over two decades, he’s brought those skills and values to Pet Butler.

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