Pete Hulse

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After spending a short time flying hot air balloons commercially, Pete Hulse knew he needed to do something different. A lot goes into flying hot air balloons and in some respect, that is how Hulse wound up here. “I have no management experience.’ My friend said, ‘No, I’ve seen you take a hot air balloon, pick four people out of a crowd, put that thing in the air, fly it away, land it, pack it up and put it away. You have management experience,” Hulse recalled.

That is how it started for Hulse. What he loved about this business was the simplicity. “It was fairly unique at the time,” he said. “There were probably not even a dozen other people in the world that had ever successfully done this.” Hulse likes a challenge. He gave up a good traditional job to take a chance on this and it has been his full-time job for over 25 years. “It’s the best employment situation I have ever had,” expressed Hulse.

The Pet Butler franchise system provides teams of experts in various areas to help their franchise owners. “I’m a pretty decent marketer, but I am not the best,” Hulse said. “I don’t like accounting, but it has to be done. Instead of me having to squeeze out an hour for this job, then an hour for that job, I have teams of people available to me who really know their stuff.”

That support is something that many franchise owners simply cannot afford to provide for themselves. “All of those people are invested in my success,” he said. “If I succeed, they succeed and if I don’t, they don’t.”

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