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4 Ways to Motivate Employees Without Spending Money

Customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of a business. One way to help improve customer satisfaction is to make sure your employees are motivated and enjoy their job. A study from the University of Missouri found that when businesses focus on employee happiness and [...]

managing stress

9 Simple Tips to Manage Stress In the Workplace

The workplace can be a major source of stress for workers in America. The workload, drama in the workplace and job security (or lack of it) play a role in workplace stress. Stress has become so detrimental to our health that the World Health [...]

project management manage staff projects

Project Management: 6 Tips to Manage Staff Projects

The biggest resource any business has is its employees. If employees are overworked or overwhelmed they may become disengaged, reducing the benefit of a business’s greatest resource and making it difficult to complete their work. As a result, the business and its employees will suffer. However, [...]

Staff Meetings

7 Tips For More Productive and Effective Staff Meetings

When you hear someone say ‘staff meeting,’ does it fill you with dread? Why is that? Is it because too many meetings are poorly organized, too long, and don’t really accomplish anything? What if staff meetings were focused, organized, and productive? Team members might [...]


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