Pet Industry Survey

Which of these services do you currently offer? (Check all that apply):
GroomerPet Sitter/Dog WalkerPet StorePet FencingMowing & LandscapingPet Waste RemovalOther

How long have you been in business:

What is most important to the future of your business? (Check all that apply):
Creating an economically resilient, recurring revenue streamDiversifying services offeredRecession resistanceSuccession planningLeveraging your current business and increasing long-term valueHigher profit marginsOther

What are your biggest business challenges? (Check all that apply):
GrowthProfitability/Cash FlowCapital for GrowthEmployeesCompetitionRecurring RevenueMarketing ProgramsRemoval From Day-To-Day Operations

How did you find the Pet Butler franchise opportunity?

What is the motivation to investigate the Pet Butler opportunity?

Have you investigated any other franchise systems?

What part of the Pet Waste Removal industry interests you the most?

Is anyone in your life going to be a part of the new venture?

Our Franchise Handbook

Get valuable insight on how a Pet Butler franchise can work in conjunction with your current business, realize the benefits of a recurring customer base and enhance your financial security.


From Our Franchise Owners

You’re already paying for something that’s not fully utilized, right? Utilities, space, personnel. Add a proven service and grow both businesses.

Pete Hulse

Pete HulseOwner - Pet Butler Columbus, OH

The reason to switch to Pet Butler is the call center, the billing, the technology. They could do things much bigger than I could on my own.

Coby Hough

Coby HoughOwner - Pet Butler Houston Texas

Grow with Pet Butler’s proven marketing and technology support.

Business owners who have added a Spring‑Green franchise cite our proprietary marketing and support systems as a huge boost to their businesses and the fastest way to recruit new customers.

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