Who Are We?

Pet Butler was founded to provide pet waste cleanup and removal in yards, parks, and multi-family communities. Our parent company, located in Naperville, Illinois has over 40 years helping small business owners build and scale profitable service businesses. In the last 4 years we have reinvested in infrastructure, launching a state-of-the-art call center and advancing our industry leading marketing support.

Why You?

Pet Butler is seeking the right person in the right market who recognizes the value in building recurring revenue. The services provided by our national call center and marketing support center allows you to focus on running your business while building recurring revenue.

Why Now?

The pet service industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and scaling any small business alone can be a major challenge. Working with the Pet Butler support system will allow you to accelerate your growth. Whether you are starting your own business, building for short or long-term wealth, bringing additional family into the business or planning your exit strategy, Pet Butler can help.

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Why are you interested in Pet Butler?

What is most important to the future of your business? (Check all that apply):
Recruiting & hiring employeesEffective marketing planImproved bottom-lineA plan for building wealth not just incomeOther

What are your biggest business challenges? (Check all that apply):
GrowthProfitability/Cash FlowCapital for GrowthEmployeesMarketing ProgramsCompetitionRecurring RevenueRemoving Yourself From The Day-To-Day Operations

Pet Industry statistics

Estimated Dog Population*
Average Dogs Per Household*
Money Spent On Pets in 2018*

Our Franchise Handbook

Get valuable insight on how a Pet Butler franchise can be your plan on building wealth and not just income, realize the benefits of a recurring customer base and enhance your financial security.

From Our Franchise Owners

The best reason to go with the franchise is that many people get the advantage of experts…We have teams of people who really know their stuff and that support I can’t provide for myself.

Pete Hulse

Pete HulseOwner - Pet Butler Columbus, OH

The reason to switch to Pet Butler is the call center, the billing, the technology. They could do things much bigger than I could on my own.

Coby Hough

Coby HoughOwner - Pet Butler Silver Springs, MD

*Data based research from APPA.

Grow with Pet Butler’s proven marketing and technology support.

The Pet Butler model provides growth and recurring revenue, which are the key elements to building greater financial freedom for you and your family.

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