Why Pet Butler?

This 99 billion dollar pet industry is growing. Organic & raw food for pets is becoming more popular, companies like Rover.com are competing with the mom and pop businesses who provide pet sitting and millennials are treating their pets like kids. This means the pet service industry is poised for growth and disruption.

The Pet Butler model allows for the rapid scale of customers, leveraging a web based technology platform and state of the art contact center and billing services department that works on your behalf. Pet Butler leverages its 40+ years in database and direct marketing experience to execute your local marketing plan by targeting dog owners across the digital and social landscape.

Pet Butler’s social mission promotes the rescue and adoption of dogs, which opens the door to local businesses promoting our services and making customers who feel good about doing business with our brand and share their experiences socially.

Low Initial Investment

With as little as $12,500* and a good credit score you can start building a meaningful and scalable business. This low investment business has tremendous potential. *(Source:Pet Butler 2019 FDD, Item 7)

High Gross Profit Margins

The average revenue per customer is $631** per year for scooping services and with dense routing, you can achieve 3.35** residential stops per hour. **(Source:Pet Butler 2019 FDD, Item 19)

Recurring Revenue/Repeat Business

Happy dog owners who have hired Pet Butler to perform weekly or bi-weekly service are also prime candidates for other pet related services. As Pet Butler expands, we will seek out the most beneficial recurring services and determine if they fit our model.

Expansion Opportunities

With recurring revenue and proven marketing performance comes confidence in expansion. Expansion can come in two ways with Pet Butler. Expansion of territory to add customers creating new routes and expansion of services to better serve your current customers.

Flexibility & Freedom

Building a recurring customer base provides a clear picture of what your labor needs are as well as flexibility in scheduling for yourself. This positions the owner to focus on the rewarding lifestyle of business ownership and being community involved.

Meet Pet Butler

Pet Butler was founded in 1988, providing professional pet waste cleanup and removal to residential yards, parks, and multi-family communities. Pet Butler’s support team works to understand your goals and to help build the business leading to greater financial freedom for you and your family.

Grow Your Business

Recurring revenue is one part of the Pet Butler business model. The other is your business plan which will focus on your top and bottom line. This is where the Pet Butler business model excels.

Support & Training

Let us help you build a strong and sustainable business. Be in business for yourself, not by yourself. Having a dedicated business consultant as well as other industry leading resources will provide the opportunity to grow the business faster and further than if done independently.

Your Investment

When you make the decision to invest in a franchise, it’s important to weigh many factors, such as the company’s history, reputation, values and how well its strategic partners are performing. With as little as $12,500* and a good credit score, you can be on your way to being part of something very special.

Meet James

James is the COO of Spring-Green Enterprises, President of Pet Butler LLC and President for Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp. Under his leadership the organization has made sizable investments in its staff, technology and marketing that have propelled the organization to where it is today.