Why Pet Butler?

No matter your current pet industry company’s focus — grooming, pet sitting/boarding, veterinary services, dog training, or even a specialty pet store — adding Pet Butler to work in conjunction with your existing operation can grow revenue and financial strength faster and more securely than doing it on your own.

This model provides diversified growth, and recurring revenue, which are key elements to reducing business risk and building greater financial freedom for you and your family.

Our proven marketing systems find, grow and retain customers. Today, homeowners are looking for a service to handle the “dirty job” of pet waste removal. This allows the busy pet owner to enjoy their yard without nasty landmines. Why not get that service from you?

The Pet Butler operational support structure will provide the planning and coaching, that small business owners are looking for, allowing them to scale their business quickly.

Meet Pet Butler

Pet Butler was founded in 1988 providing professional pet waste cleanup and removal to individual yards, parks, and multi-family communities.

Grow Your Business

It’s a good bet that as a business owner in the pet industry, you’ve thought many times about how to attract new customers, expand your business and increase your income.

Support & Training

Growing a business while running it isn’t easy. We get it. You already know about the need for systems, processes and documented procedures, but who has the time to create them.

Your Investment

When you make the decision to invest in a franchise it’s important to weigh many factors, such as the company’s history, its reputation, its values and how well its strategic partners are performing with the franchise.

He is Ready. Are You?