Let Us Help You Build a Strong, Sustainable Business. Be In Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

Being an entrepreneur can be emotionally and financially rewarding and at the same time be a daunting endeavor.  As an owner, you wear many hats and as the business grows it requires you to transition your responsibilities to others. While we can’t discount the importance of finding the right people, we know that employees succeed when the role is defined clearly, they are trained properly and their accountability is measured.

This hits home for Pet Butler and is the basis for its franchising model. Think of it is as “greasing the wheel” to remove the friction that may slow the businesses growth and development. Having a dedicated business consultant, as well as the resources that Pet Butler brings will provide the opportunity to grow the business faster and further than if done independently.

Download your free copy of the IFA Educational Foundation “Introduction to Franchising” handbook to learn more about franchising.


Learning the infield and office operational procedures begins on day one and you will quickly learn all aspects of the Pet Butler model.


Through a blended approach of online, in person and hands on training, a new owner will get the training needed to set them up for success. It does not stop there. Your dedicated business consultant along with a team of specialists will help guide you as you build your business.

Ongoing Support

As your Pet Butler business grows to a multi truck operation, your role will change and so will the support that we provide. We understand the complexities of building a multi-truck operation. The owner’s role changes and the focus on profitability through financial management becomes increasingly important. It is one of the reasons we operate a large company owned franchise!

Personal Business Consultant

A dedicated business consultant supports each Pet Butler Franchise Owner, working closely together to develop, establish and measure profitability goals. This starts with the creation of your business plan.

Meet Bob & Janet

Dailey said. “When you have someone from the outside asking strategic questions, it’s like having a coach helping you see the forest for the trees.” Learn how Pet Butler put Bob and Janet on the road to success by reading their owner profile.