Dedicated Business Consultants: Your Business Consultant Has Your Back

Your business consultant is more than just a coach. They’ll know you, your family, your business and your dreams and aspirations. They help you identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of achieving your goals and growing your Pet Butler business. They will incorporate your vision into a plan for the business.

After all, that’s why you decided to go into business for yourself!

We make it personal. Every business owner has different skills, so tailoring an organizational plan, business plan and training plan to your existing staff and business just makes sense.

  • Annual Business & Marketing Planning with an eye toward your three-year and five-year plans.
  • Strategic Planning focusing on the importance of your staff’s growth and development.
  • Professional Development Seminars help keep your frontline team members growing.
  • Manager Training refines and improves their skills and knowledge of the business.
  • Regional Peer Group Meetings with business owners who share their knowledge and best practices and hold each other accountable to continuous improvement.

National Training Conference and continuing education about new products, equipment, marketing programs and operations.

“As a Pet Butler Business Consultant it is my job to be the sounding board and “go to person” for our Franchise Owners. I help them talk through ideas, solve problems, and achieve their goals!”
-Ryan Doll, Business Consultant

He is Ready. Are You?