Operations: Improved Operations Lead to Greater Achievements

If you’re an entrepreneur starting your first business or an existing pet industry business owner who is seeking to diversify their services, we will cater our support to fit your specific operational needs. Our operational support has been developed through the years and our support gives the franchise owner a clear and well-defined roadmap for building their business.

  • Marketing and sales systems that generate a high percentage of the new business for our franchise owners.
  • Service programs that broaden your customer offerings with other services.
  • Front end and back end office functions that streamline you and your staff’s daily responsibilities.
  • Customer service approaches that secure relationships with existing customers and attract new ones.

As a franchise owner you have access to:

Dedicated Business Consultant

A dedicated business consultant who supports you every step of the way.

Proven Operating System

A proven operating system with documented processes and procedures all ready to go.

Team of Experts

A team of marketing, operations, equipment, and achievement experts – all motivated to support the growth and success of your business.

Network of Business Owners

A network of business owners who do exactly what you do sharing advice, support, and comparison data to drive continuous improvement.

Company-Owned Business

A sizable Company-Owned franchise to model your business after.

“This is the most hands on, practical, useful help we’ve gotten. We actually see something is going to happen. We can see what’s going to happen in the next year and we can project it out.”
-Richard Raymond, Pet Butler Owner – Orange County

Meet Don

Pet Butler support is something that many franchise owners simply cannot afford to provide for themselves. “The fact that there was an organization already formed made it really an easy deal for us to pick up and just improve on then starting from scratch” stated Don Stone.