Training: Hitting the Ground Running

On the very first day of training we will lead you into a discussion to understand what your definition of success looks like. It is very important that we understand your personal and professional goals as we plot out the road map for your business. Whether it is diversification of an existing business, Freedom and Flexibility to do what you want when you want or the Financial Security that comes with recurring revenue, this vision will shape the future of your business so we will revisit it annually with you to make sure we are on track.

At initial training we will also introduce you to the processes, programs, systems and technologies that have made Pet Butler successful. Not everything will matter on day one, so we’ll focus on the things that will help us hit the ground running, and we’ll strive to keep it simple.

The Pet Butler operating system is developed around five key priorities, and we’ll use these in everything we do:

Make the Sale

Get the Work Done

Collect the Money

Impress the Customer

Control Expenses

During your discovery, you’ll learn how our proven approach to support can help grow your business. In your personalized training week and two additional site visits, you’ll be trained on our best practices in:

    • Route Management Efficiencies
    • Marketing Planning, Program Development and Reporting
    • Customer Service Techniques
    • Annual Business Plan Creation
    • Operational Excellence
    • Business Management, Billing and Accounting
    • Computers, System Management and Technology


Everything you’ll learn, is also used to run our Company-Owned franchise business today. What we teach works.

Meet Ted

Ted, CEO of Spring-Green, rejoined the business in 2005. Learn more on Ted’s past experiences which gave him the perspective in leading the organization.