Businesses Working Together: Special Terms for Owners of Pet Industry Businesses

By operating a separate business (new entity) and co-locating the businesses, we’ve seen great success in keeping operational costs at a minimum, improving efficiencies and cross-selling services between businesses.

In the event there are conflicting services, we’ll discuss which services make sense for your existing business to retain and those that may be best performed by Pet Butler.

In all cases, we’ve been successful finding a mutually beneficial way to accommodate every unique situation. Offering qualified candidates a program for a reduced Franchise Fee is a standard practice for us.

“I ran a pet waste cleanup service for more than a decade before becoming a franchise owner. I had to do it all by myself and figure it out for myself. Now good people answer my phones, collect my payments, provide technical support and more. I could do this myself, but I’d be working longer and paying more. I’ve been there and done that. I have a smarter, easier way now.”
-Pete Hulse, Columbus OH

He is Ready. Are You?