Your Investment: Low Initial Investment

There are several factors that help determine the true start-up cost like territory size and whether you have qualifying vehicles and equipment.

This low investment business has nearly unlimited potential. Ultimately, we will work with you to reduce the upfront investment, putting the largest portion of your investment into growing your market.  (Source: Pet Butler – 2022 Item 7 FDD)

For the right existing business owner, we offer partial financing on the franchise fee. The assets in your current pet industry business can reduce the cost of your investment in a Pet Butler franchise. Learn more about businesses working together.

There are some upfront capital requirements. And if we both agree it’s a good fit — financially and philosophically — we’ll explore a range of Pet Butler investment strategies.

Having a strong financial plan is a critical part of getting started on the right foot and being a business owner. At Pet Butler we believe it has to be the right partner first and the right market second. If the first two conditions are met, then we’ll work to secure the needed capital to build the right financing plan. In a recurring revenue business there is a need for an ongoing marketing investment. Without it, the business will stall.

We believe it is important for you to understand how your franchisor makes money and its inherent relationship to your success.

  • Pet Butler makes little if any money on the franchise fee as it is reinvested back into your business or the startup expenses that we incur getting a new owner trained and open.
  • Pet Butler derives its income from the royalty you pay on the gross revenue you earn in your business.

$12,500 – Initial Franchise Fee

(Source: Pet Butler – 2022 Item 7 FDD)

Meet Kandra

Kandra joined the organization in May of 2016 following our acquisition of her business. Kandra has been instrumental in helping accelerate our knowledge in the pet service area.