Your Investment: Investment Range

There are several factors that help determine the true start-up cost like territory size and whether you have qualifying vehicles and equipment.

Ultimately, we will work with you to reduce the upfront investment, putting the largest portion of your investment into growing your market. But there are some upfront capital requirements. And if we both agree it’s a good fit — financially and philosophically — we’ll explore a range of Pet Butler investment strategies.

Having a strong financial plan is a critical part of getting started on the right foot and being a business owner, you already understand this. At Pet Butler we believe it has to be the right partner first and the right market second. If the first two conditions are met, then we’ll work to secure the needed capital to build the right financing plan.

“We decided to diversify with Pet Butler because were looking to get in on the ground floor of an emerging business with unlimited growth potential.”
-Coby Hough, Silver Springs MD

He is Ready. Are You?