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Pet Butler was founded in 1988 providing poo-fessional pet waste cleanup and removal to individual yards, parks, and multi-family communities. Pet Butler was formed to solve two objectives:

First, to make life for pet owners more convenient, enjoyable, and safe. And, second to provide a perfect business opportunity for pet lovers by providing services to pet owners that benefit animals, the environment and their community.

We are anxious to talk with you about joining Pet Butler.


Why start a service type business?
Mainly because you really love working with your hands, helping people with things that they don't have time for, and of course because there is a huge and growing need for this sort of business everywhere!
What is HomeTask?
HomeTask is growing into the of the service world! HomeTask owns or provides operational support for several service brands. Pet Butler is part of the HomeTask Network. The vision of is to be THE one-stop source for consumers seeking trustworthy service providers to have access to all residential and commercial services nationwide. The first brand or division of HomeTask is Yellow Van Handyman, a professional handyman business. In August of 2010 Pet Butler, the nation's largest and most respected pet waste cleanup service became part of the HomeTask family of brands. In February 2011, HomeTask launched Lawn Army. HomeTask also licenses Freggies, the world's finest and most affordable organic produce delivery service. Freggies is currently operating one pilot location in Seattle, WA with massive expansion plans to be announced. Numerous other exciting HomeTask brand extensions are planned for the coming months and years. Additional service choices such as window cleaning, maid services, pool care, pet sitting and more will be coming your way soon.
What services do I receive in return for my monthly Back Office Fee?
THE SHORT ANSWER: Have you ever seen a duck gliding across a smooth pond? You are the duck, we are his feet!

THE LONG ANSWER: Here is a list of items that are typical activities for your franchise support center:

Scheduling: The HomeTask Support Center (HTSC) handles inbound inquires for new members and getting them into the system and on one of your service routes.

Estimates: The HTSC provides basic estimates based on your established rates and standards, making every effort to convert the estimates into recurring members.

Order Fulfillment: The HTSC processes all orders for clothing items and printed materials to support your business expediently. We will then ship the orders directly to you or another designated recipient.

Public Relations: The HTSC writes and publicizes Press Releases and/or can assist you with local public relations activities in an effort to increase awareness of your business in your local region.

Marketing Campaigns: The HTSC works on local, regional & national marketing campaigns and can provide assistance with your local outreach efforts.

Personalized Marketing Pieces: The HTSC creates personalized marketing materials for your business. There is nothing generic about it!

National Client Accounts: The HTSC works to build and maintain national client account relationships to increase your bottom line.

Compliance Management: In addition to enforcing brand consistency, the HTSC records all licensing, and insurance documentation. The support team tracks expiration dates for all compliance related items and sends notification to FPs regarding upcoming renewals.

Training Coordination: The HTSC coordinates and facilitates various training programs locally and via web-delivered audio and video clips. Some of the topics covered in training are marketing, geo-farming, business development, revenue management and member retention.

Profile Management: The HTSC creates and updates the profiles and publicly posted relevant stories. Content including professional photos, technically written biographies and up-to-date customer feedback.

Community Outreach Development: The HTSC can assist you in finding, coordinating and promoting community outreach events for public service.

Assistance with Home/Trade Show Coordination: The HTSC researches local Trade/Home/Garden shows at your request and assists you with event coordination.

Full Time Call Center: The HTSC has a full service call center that answers incoming calls from potential customers, existing members and franchise leads. During off hours, call center provides a professional voicemail service to capture caller's information.

Payment Collection: Sending invoices, verifying payment information, making collection calls to members and following up with National Accounts are some of things the HTSC does to help you collect payments in a timely manner.

Franchise Lead Generation: Generating and responding to new franchise leads by specially trained staff at the HTSC. The best way to boost your business is to increase the number of franchises in your area!

One-on-One Coaching: You will be assigned a coach to work with you one on one during the launch of your business. Weekly calls to provide business consultation individualized to your specific needs.

Personalized Email Accounts: The HTSC provides each Franchise Partner and Employee with their own branded email account and professional email signature template.

Local Phone Number for your Members: The HTSC has set up unique phone numbers that are local to your community but will ring at the HTSC. This means your members won't have to dial long distance but can still take advantage of the centralized member care and support.

News Tickers: The HTSC keeps you updated by posting the latest news and developments to our News Ticker section of your private extranet.

Business Reporting Tools: The HTSC website houses extensive tools and databases to provide you with a clear outlook on your business. Financial reporting, complete appointment history, franchise to franchise comparisons in your area and much more.

Development Group Meetings (DGM): We strongly encourage our Franchise Partners to meet with other partners in their area to share stories, advice, and goals of their business. We have built a system for you to be able to participate in or start a new DGM in your area.

Member Complaint Resolution: Sometimes there is a dispute or complaint from a member, and the HTSC staff are trained to communicate between you and the member to find a mutually beneficial resolution.

Why would I choose a franchise rather than going it alone?
When you buy a HomeTask franchise, you aren't just buying a business plan; you are joining a winning team with a proven business model based on excellent customer service! You get to join the largest pet waste clean up organization in the world. Not only do you get world class business support but you also get to rub shoulders with all of the largest pet waste outlets in the world because they are Pet Butler Franchise Partners. You can count on our experience with over a hundred locations. You are tapping into the national branding of HomeTask, you're gaining access to time-tested systems designed to maximize your profitability, your administrative support needs will be met by HomeTask's professional staff, and the HomeTask customer service support will earn your business instant credibility that would likely take you years to develop on your own.
Want to learn even more about Pet Butler?
For even more information about starting a Pet Butler franchise, simply CLICK HERE to begin an informational tour
Can I start my Pet Butler franchise if I have no professional Pet Waste experience?
While it can be helpful to have experience before you start your franchise; it is not necessary. Once you go through the HomeTask University, you will be well equipped to run a successful business!
Why is Pet Butler superior to another pet waste franchise?
Other Pet Waste franchises have not been in the "business" as long as Pet Butler has. Pet Butler is proven and has stood the test of time. Additionally, Pet Butler is powered by the HomeTask Service Network so with a Pet Butler franchise, you can tap into the already vast experience of other Franchise Partners to help accelerate your business' growth!
How would becoming a Pet Butler Franchise Partner affect my existing pet waste business?
If you're an existing business, but have been unable to optimize your routing, customer care, billing, manage requests, or found that you're getting worn out; Pet Butler is the solution! Why? If you're dealing with any of the above, you likely need a team of highly trained professionals to help carry some of the weight. Pet Butler has that very thing! Additionally, we have a world class automated billing system that allows all of our partners and their members to take care of the financial side of business seamlessly.
What’s the initial cost to own a Pet Butler franchise?
We have two options for purchasing a Pet Butler franchise. Option #1: You can purchase a turn key package, which covers your start up resources including a branded Pet Butler vehicle, branded uniforms, computer, training and more! This option is $48,500. Option #2: You can directly purchase vehicles, equipment, computer and other items and pay the basic franchise fee of $25,000. In general, you should plan to have access to about $32,000 - $42,000 total to get started.
What is the HomeTask Service Network?
For more info, click here.
What businesses licenses do I need for a Pet Butler Franchise?
In most cities, a business license is required to operate a home-based business. These license ***(licenses)***are very easy to obtain and we will assist you every step of the way. The requirements for a license can vary by region from a simple fee paid with an application to experience and/or education. We will assist you as you need help, just let us know!
How can I find out what Pet Butler territories are available in my area?
If you are in an English speaking country, we have territories for you! Jump in, the water is the perfect temperature for a service based business today.
What sort of training does Pet Butler provide?
Pet Butler is big on training! We are in the people business therefore we are most interested in people's growth. Growing people result in successful business operations. The majority of our educational opportunities are optional but some, such as the initial franchise training (called: LaunchCAMP) is required. Beyond that, we have an advanced training series that you will compete after you have been in business for a while. We also have on-line training, assistance from the coach that we assign to you and training at regional, national and international events.
What are the benefits of a Pet Butler Franchise Partner?
All of us are smarter than any one of us! When you begin to run a business it can be difficult to work both IN the business and ON the business. As a Franchise Partner, you'll be able to accelerate your growth and your capacity, and work with other existing Franchise Partners who have likely been in the very spot you're at and can help you continue to grow! Additionally, we have the best minds in the world working on developing marketing, business process, and technology solutions to enable you to operate your business in a successful way. We provide all of your back-office resources including live administrative staff for you and your members (customers) to leverage all day, everyday!
How long has Pet Butler been in business?
Since 1988; Pet Butler is the oldest and largest pet waste removal organization in all of America!
What advertising am I responsible for?
Surprisingly, not a lot of advertising is required for our business. We rely heavily on relationships to drive business. It is super important to build lasting, quality relationships with your members. Of course when you are first starting out, we do recommend a number of different advertising venues and we encourage you to use these when you want to quickly and significantly boost your business for a particular reason.
Is there a Pet Butler Franchise in my area already?
It depends. Check out our web site and do a search for someone in your region. We are growing quickly so if we are not there yet, we probably will be soon. What are you waiting for? Be a pioneer for your community!
Do I have to be a dog owner to buy a Pet Butler Franchise?
Not technically. However, a more helpful question might be, do you love people and their pets? If the answer is "yes" then Pet Butler may be a good fit for you. At this point, all of our Franchise Partners are dog owners, but most of all they love people and their pets!
What is a franchise?
Franchising is a method of distributing products or services which involves two groups. The franchisor (HomeTask) creates the trademark and the business system. The franchisee (called Franchise Partner at Pet Butler) enjoys the benefits of the already established brand, business and system!
What if this FAQ didn’t answer my question?
We know it is likely that these FAQ's may have left you looking for more information! No problem! We want to build a relationship with you and jointly determine if this is a good fit for you. When you are ready, please simply contact us and know that we are excited to get to know you. If you would like to email the HomeTask franchise team directly, here is the email address to use:

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I have 2 kids and they love to play outside and now they don't have to watch where they step, and I don't have to worry about them tracking it into the house. "
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