Flea & Tick Spray


Fleas and Ticks are a common problem found in dogs and cats, and can become a serious health concern if our pets are not protected by these annoying pests. Fleas are parasites that feed on pet’s blood and can produce millions of offspring, and can cause itchiness, fur loss, and scabs on our furry friends. Ticks are also parasites and feed on pet’s blood. These pests transmit diseases through their bite and can cause skin irritation or infection, as well as anemia in pets.

Protect Pets From Fleas & Ticks

Pet Butler offers a Flea and Tick Spray to help protect your pets from these irritating pests. The Flea and Tick Spray is an all-natural eliminator spray application to aid you in your fight against flea and tick infestations in your yard and pets.

One gallon, which covers up to 5,000 square feet, is an application that can be done every other week from May 1 through October 31. Just make sure there is no rain or sprinklers in the area for 24 hours.

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