Yard Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant

yard odor eliminator

Pet Butler has helped communities be free from the nuisance and hazards of dog poop. We have served pets and their people live better lives for over 25 years. Dog waste is more than just a bother, it’s a threat to our health and pets. Pet waste contains bacteria and parasites combined with other organic matter and nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous, which is notably stinky.

Our Yard Deodorizer and Eliminator Spray eliminates urine and stool odors that are present in lawn areas throughout your yard. The Parvocidal Disinfectant Spray reduces or eliminates the threat of passing parvo between dogs all while disinfecting customers lawns. Although no one can fully guarantee to get rid of all yard diseases, the Parvocidal Disinfectant Spray is one way to keep your dogs safe and protected from such diseases.

Is the Yard Deodorizer and Eliminator Spray Safe? 

The Yard Deodorizer and Eliminator Spray is completely safe for us and our furry friends! It’s made of all-natural ingredients.

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