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CALL US AT 1-800-PET-BUTLER (1-800-738-2885)


Official Pet Waste Cleanup Service of the Cincinnati Reds Bark in the Park Events!!

WE'RE EXPANDING AND ADDING ZIP CODES! Please call 1-800-738-2885 to learn if your zip is on the list!

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Hi, I'm Gromit!

Well, here I am, all dressed up in this jazzy bow tie. I guess my new duds makes me part of the fun and exciting Pet Butler family! You know, I recently looked in the mirror and thought I looked pretty dog--gone handsome. Be sure and write in and let me know what you think! I'll read every message you send me. Here's the e-mail address:

We scoop? It's more like THEY scoop...I refuse to scoop dog poop! So who are "THEY" anyway???

My last name is SIMPSON so that makes my Mom and Dad THE SIMPSONS. They both have worked their tails off as Sales Account Executives for a cumulative of about 50 years. I wonder how many years that is in dog years?? Anyway, they've won a bunch of customer satisfaction awards and sales awards so I think that would translate into some pretty reliable service in their coming to your house to remove the dog waste and take great care of your yard.

I know they are really fussy about my yard and thank goodness. It gets pretty dog-gone stinky back there and I detest the smell. There's nothing like clean grass to roll around in and bark at my neighborhood friend next door. I think she's a Doberman and boy can she howl a good tune!

So, the bottom line here is you gotta call Pet Butler of South Dayton/North Cincinnati and get that dog poop cleaned up out back. Leave the disgusting job to my Mom and Dad, the best dog waste removal team this side of the Ohio River. They're often imitated, but NEVER doo-plicated!



Your dog will love you for it!

Proudly removing dog waste from: North Cincinnati: Blue Ash, Camp Dennison, Fairfield, Forest Park, Franklin, Glendale, Golf Manor, Indian Hill, Kenwood, Kings Mills, Landen, Lebanon, Liberty Township, Loveland, Maineville, Mason, Middletown, Milford, Monroe, Montgomery, Morrow, Oregonia, Parkdale, Pleasant Plain, Sharonville, South Lebanon, Springboro, Springdale, Terrace Park, Waynesville and West Chester. Is your city not referenced? Give us a call and let's see if we can do the doo in your area!

Take a look at what our customers are saying!

"WOW! We FINALLY have dog stations in our condo community and they're always clean and replenished with bags. They're conveniently located so a lot of folks are actually using them! Way to go Pet Butler!"
Martha H. - Maineville, Ohio

"You do an OUTSTANDING job! I'll never go without Pet Butler as long as I have a dog!"
Mary M. - Cincinnati, Ohio

"Thank you both so much for opening up your business in the Greater Cincinnati area. This is a service that is really needed here. I myself have several dogs and look forward to using your service. I envision this freeing up a lot of my time…to enjoy the dogs more! Go Green…Go Clean.!!!"
Linda L. - Cincinnati, Ohio

"My husband and I just don’t have the time and/or energy to keep the yard as clean as it should be. It’s just one less thing we have to think about!"
Janene E. - Dayton, Ohio

"You guys are steathy. It's like little elves come in the middle of the night and the yard is poop free. I appreciate everything you have done for us."
Stephanie D. - Kettering, Ohio

"You are one of the best companies I have ever worked with. You do a great job every time! I never have to worry about dog waste in my yard now that I have Pet Butler!"
Lisa H - Deer Park, Ohio

"Now I don't have to think twice when the kids run out the back door! Thanks for giving a busy Mom one less thing to do. "
Sandy R. - Springboro, Ohio

"Thank you very much for taking care of my yard!! It was much needed, especially after the snow melted. My husband and I are both active duty Air Force and he’s gone on a deployment for the next six months. So I’m a single mom with three kids plus a rather large dog! I sincerely appreciate your service and it’s one less thing I need to worry about."
Maria M. - Tipp City, Ohio

"I have never received such terrific customer service from any company as I have from Pet Butler. From the day I made the first inquiry online til now the company has been extremely professional, courteous and attentive. My local service reps are awesome and stay in touch often, making sure I am happy! I couldn't ask for more."
Jennifer C. - Cincinnati, Ohio

"I discovered your service when I saw a van parked on the side of the street one day. I thought wow, what a great idea! Since my dog is so big, she does poop A LOT! She's still a puppy and weighs 120 lbs (or more). And with the weather getting warmer (not today), it's great to be able to go outside to either play with the kids or throwing the ball around with Sierra without worrying about land mines everywhere. It was really bad prior to me contacting your service. I even attempted to pick up a few weeks earlier, but it was just too much for me. Plus I didn't have the time either. I couldn't leave kids by themselves for too long even though I was right outside."
Maria M. - Tipp City, Ohio

"We love your service as it allows our kids to play outside without having to worry about "surprises" on their shoes. Thank you!"
Erin H. - Beavercreek, Ohio

"It's comforting to know that Pet Butler can apply a disinfectant to free my yard of possible diseases that can be transmitted to my dog."
Kathy R. - Huber Heights, Ohio

"I want you to know that your customer service is EXCELLENT! You are always there when you say you will be, and the poop is better picked up than it has been in a long time. I have a couple of other people that I have mentioned your name to, and I hope they call. It is rare to find your kind of professionalism. Thank you very much. "
Jennifer F. - Middleton, Ohio

"Thanks to Pet Butler of Dayton, we no longer have to worry about pet waste while mowing the lawn."
Carol G. - Beavercreek, Ohio

"“Fast, professional, polite, and the dogs loved the “Butler.” Worth every penny and would highly recommend this service to anyone.” "
Jenny P. - Hamilton, Ohio

""You guys are the best and provide an invaluable service." "
Greer T. - Waynesville, Ohio

"Thank you so much for helping us clean up this spring and keep our yard looking beautiful!"
Erin J - Loveland, OH

"We have been delighted with our Pet Butler service. We received a personal phone call to welcome us as customers and the customer service has been superb! We enjoy having a clean lawn for our family and especially for our beloved dog. The technician has been punctual, provides thorough lawn cleaning and always leaves a special treat for our pup. I can't say enough nice things about this service....thank you!"
Kim D. - Springboro, OH

"We love the service and our pro scooper is awesome! Thanks again for such great service "
Sue T - Milford, Ohio

Emily B. - Loveland, Ohio

"I have 3 "LARGE" dogs and things piled up on me. You were here the next day and cleared things up for me!"
Ann W. - Dayton, Ohio

"With Pet Butler of Dayton, given the current Greater Dayton buyer's market, I feel confident that my client's home exterior will be waste free. It gives my seller peace of mind and assures the buyer a yard free of animal waste. "
Joanne P. - Dayton, Ohio