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Pet Insurance

Things You Should Know About Pet Insurance

With more available technologies to diagnose and treat diseases such as cancer and chronic pain, as well as the emergency veterinary specialty and critical care centers, pet owners have a multitude of choices for care when their pet becomes ill. Though cost should be the last thing on the mind of a concerned pet parent, … Continued

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Preparing Your Dog for Your Newborn Baby

Getting your dog prepared for the arrival of a new baby involves slowly acclimating them to all the changes that will take place in the home as well as teaching them some basic skills to keep every family member safe and serene.

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Support Dogs

The Difference Between Service, Therapy, and Emotional Support Dogs

While it may seem that the terms therapy, service, and emotional support dogs are interchangeable, make no mistake – these dogs have very different training and certification requirements, legal accessibility rights, and jobs they perform.

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dog urine

What Does My Dog’s Urine Mean?

There is a wide variation in “normal” pet urination, from amount of water consumed (and thus presumably urinated), to the color of urine and everything in between. Let’s cover a bit about what is typical and how to know if your pet’s urinary system has gone haywire.

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Signs Your Pet is in Pain

Much like a pediatrician who relies on non-verbal clues to indicate a patient’s health status, veterinarians become acutely aware of both mental and physical pain by observing a dog’s body and behavior.

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Cold Weather Dogs

Cold Weather Safety for Dogs

Shifts in weather are felt more acutely by our pets who can take longer to acclimate to outdoor changes, which is why we need to help keep them safe in cold weather.

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