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dog mind

Inside the Mind of Dogs

The first time our dogs sit, lay down, or roll over, many inevitable questions follow. How much more can they do? What else can they learn? How smart are dogs, and what really goes on inside those fuzzy little heads? Thankfully, the dog-world’s continued curiosity surrounding these ideas has led to a plethora of research … Continued

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dog anxiety

Pets and Separation Anxiety

Among veterinarians, there is an overall sense of unease and concern that a wave of abandoned and maladjusted pooches will fill the shelters when stay-at-home restrictions are eased. The best thing to do is prevent separation anxiety among your pets in the first place. While we shelter in place, this can be difficult, but not impossible, to achieve.

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dog nail trim

Guide for Pet Grooming at Home

Many dog owners opt to be their pet’s hairstylist. While getting the perfect poof for your pooch might be ambitious, there are some necessary aspects of pet grooming you need to know in order to do it properly and keep them healthy.

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dog shedding

Dog Shedding: Why Our Dogs Shed and How to Manage It

The many factors of dog shedding can determine whether your pet has long or short hair, coarse and wiry hair or curly fur, and whether they shed prolifically year-round or minimally during certain seasons.

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dogs socializing

Tips for Socializing My Dog

One major concern during this unprecedented time is properly socializing your dog. Canines need to be good citizens in the world we (normally) live. New owners must realize that once released from the confines of home, our pets need to function confidently and thrive in a populated environment.

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dog soldier

All About Military Service Dogs

These are unprecedented times. Amid concerns over COVID-19 and the country’s preparation to address the medical needs of its residents, ability to flatten the curve, and the short and long term economic ramifications, I’m reminded of a famous quote by Fred “Mister” Rogers: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in … Continued

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puppy nipping

Dog Biting 101

One of the most unwelcome surprises of puppy ownership is the pain those tiny little chompers, all 28 of them, can inflict on a hand or foot. Mouthing/teething is an integral part of growing up for pups; they investigate their world with their mouths and use those teeth for playing and chewing.

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