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Shampoo Dog

What Is The Right Shampoo For Your Pet?

Oftentimes, it’s difficult for dog owners to know which products are best for their furry friends. This problem is particularly true when it comes to grooming and maintenance essentials. Ads for new shampoos, conditioners, and suggestions about how to take care of our pets are found with every click of the mouse. Luckily, by highlighting … Continued

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Pet Dog Subscription Boxes By Dr Lisa

Chosen Dog Subscription Boxes By Dr. Lisa

One of the more popular new trends among dog owners is purchasing “subscription boxes” for their pets. These subscription boxes have been seen in other industries like cosmetics, self-care, and fashion. Dog subscription boxes include items like toys, treats, chews, grooming supplies, and other pooch-related gear. While most of the popular subscription brands are high quality, it can be hard to know which services provide the … Continued

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Pet Depressions Image

Tips For Pet Sitting A Dog With Depression

As pet sitters, you’ve got the unique experience of caring for a multitude of pets. You get a snapshot view of their environment and habits when their parents aren’t around.  However, what happens when that behavior is depression? That is why Pet Butler has the tips you need to pet sitting animals with pet depression.    … Continued

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Pet Depression - Image

What Causes Pet Depression?

We know that our canine companions are sensitive, intuitive creatures. They pick up on their owners’ emotional states, changes in routines, and their environment. It’s no wonder they are capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions and moods including depression. That’s why Pet Butler wants to help you identify the situations that are causing your pet’s … Continued

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Adopting A Pet - Shelter Dog - Image

How To Adjust Your Shelter Pet To Home Life

Don’t shop, adopt! This simply means that before reaching out to a breeder, check your local shelter for a dog that needs a home. More and more dog owners are going this route for two reasons. They see the importance of changing a pet’s life and like saving money on an expensive breed.  However, when you adopt a shelter dog, bringing your new … Continued

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Pet Depression Image

Is Your Pet Depressed?

Dogs are complex animals with social, mental, and physical needs much like our own. They thrive in safe, nurturing, and consistent environments that provide companionship and routine. So, what happens when those environments are disrupted by a change in work schedule, a new location, or a life alter event? For many of us, returning to … Continued

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Pet Friendly Flowers Image

A Guide To Pet-Friendly Flower Gardens

Now that spring is in full bloom, you’ll want to plant flowers and shrubs to spruce things up in your garden. However, don’t overlook the dangers that some plants can cause to your dog or pet. As a pet owner, keeping your pet safe is your priority, but as a homeowner, you want to keep your garden looking beautiful too. Pet Butler … Continued

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