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Picking up where your dog left off, since 1988!

Pet Butler is dedicated to professional pet waste cleanup and removal. Your Pet Butler will tidy up just about anything - from small patios to Megaplex apartments - and they do so with world class service!

Your Pet Butler will not only make life more convenient and enjoyable, but safe for the entire family. Especially the four-legged family members! Your yard will be meticulously cleaned on a regular schedule.

Pet Butler has been actively providing pet waste cleanup and removal since 1988! Our professional service is ideal for singles, families, businesses, parks, and more. Pet Butler lives to serve fellow pet-lovers who understand that our four-legged family members not only need healthy food and regular grooming, but also a safe yard to live in.

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Pet Butler provides pet waste cleanup & removal services to homes and multi-family communities. Since 1988 Pet Butler has been #1 in the "#2" business, providing the best in "pooper scooper service" and sanitation with professional service to 1,000's of clients across north america. For more information contact Pet Butler a pet waste removal service. We also offer Pet Franchise opportunities.

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