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Greetings from Pet Butler!

Welcome! My name is Rusty Lenox and I am the owner of St Petersburg, FL Pet Butler. My mission is to give pet owners more quality time with their pets and families by providing you with professional pet waste clean-up. My services are ideal for singles, families, businesses, parks, and more.

My service area includes all of the Tampa and St Petersburg area towns and suburbs including, Pinellas Park, Belleair Shore, Tierra Verde, Largo, Treasure Island, Clearwater, Madeira Beach, Seminole, and Largo.

Take a look at what our customers are saying!

"Our dogs love you and we do too!"
Delmon S. - Tampa, Florida

"What a great service you provide. I tell all my friends and neighbors about you."
L. A. - Valrico, FL

"I was finding 2 or 3 ticks on my dog every evening then I tried the Flea, Tick and Mosquito Treatment. It was amazing. No more ticks from day one."
LG - St. Petersburg, FL

"We’re glad you “scoop” the poop! Thanks."
Jonathan O. - Davis Island, Florida

"The Park is beautiful again!!!"
Community Park - Valrico, Florida

"My wife is finally off my back. Thanks Pet Butler"
Jerry J. - Clearwater, FL

"Thanks, Mr. Pooper Scooper!"
Marshall J. - Tampa, Florida

"No more fleas and the dog doesn’t poop by the swing set anymore."
Kathy M. - Tampa, Florida

"You’re the best!"
Diane R. - Valrico, Florida

"It feels great to walk bare-footed in my yard again."
Diane - Seminole, FL

"Thanks for doing a great job!!"
G and W - St Petersburg, FL

"Bunnies, cats and dogs. You do it all, my very own Pet Butler!!"
Carol M. - Tampa, Florida

"Dawg! You’re the man! Thanks."
Ian V. - Culbreath Isles, Florida

"I love your service and I’m glad the Park cares enough to hire you."
Patrons of Hyde Park Dog Park - South Tampa, Florida

"I used Pet Butler when I lived in Texas so when I moved to Florida I set up service before I moved into my new house."
MM - Clearwater,FL

"I cant believe I get service all the way out here in Apollo Beach. Scoop on!!"
Tracy M. - Apollo Beach, Florida

"I love bragging to my friends about my new Pet Butler."
Tia S. - Valrico, Florida

"I don't know how you provide your service for so little money but keep up the good job."
Gail - St. Petersburg Beach, FL

"I hope my dogs appreciate you as much as I do!"
Valerie N. - Tampa, Florida

"I have been thinking about this service for months, finally I decided that my dogs are important to me and they deserve a clean yard to play in."
M. R. - Seminole

"We really enjoy your service, thanks."
Kathy - Tampa Palms - Tampa, Florida

"I waited almost a year for this service to come to St. Petersburg and finally I'm poop free."
D.O. - Seminole, FL

"I had such a beautiful lawn except for Ralph's little land mines then Pet Butler came to the rescue. We really appreciate your service!"
JJ - St. Petersburg, FL

"We moved from Orlando to Tampa and didn’t miss a beat with our service. Thanks Pet Butler for making it a smooth transition for us!"
Lisa B. - Tampa, Florida

"If I had known the service was so inexpensive I would have signed up la long time ago."
A.D. - Pinellas Park, FL

"You guys are cheaper then I thought. Hiring you is a no brainer!"
Lynn A. - Bloomingdale, Florida

"Our lawn is clean again! Thanks."
Erika C. - Valrico, Florida

"We appreciate your concern and attention to our dogs. They wait for you each week!"
Jack S. - Tampa, Florida

"I had to take care of my son's bulldog when he was in the hospital for several weeks. The poop drove me crazy until I saw an add for Pet Butler."
Holly - St. Petersburg, FL

"I could not believe there is a service out there like this. I had to sign up right away after seeing your ad. There’s a job for everyone out there and you are the best! Thanks!"
Thomas T. - Riverview, Florida