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Meet Dr. Lisa – Our In-House Clinical Consultant

Dr. Lisa is Pet Butler’s in-house clinical consultant on all things Pet Wellness. She has been working with the Pet Butler to help keep all the pet owners up to date on the latest pet wellness news!   

Dr. Lisa is part of a large family of 8 and yes, that does include her three dogs. She grew up in the Chicagoland area and received her degrees at the University of Illinois. Her husband, three sons, and three dogs are who keep her company at home in Florida.   

Since she was a little girl, Dr. Lisa always wanted to care for animals. She attributes her love for furry creatures to her many exotic experiences with the animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo, in Chicago, IL. Because she grew up in a family that careers centered around animal life, she was able to spend Christmas with Baby Kevou, a Lincoln park newborn gorilla. Resulting in lifelong memories and a passion to care for pets and their people.   

For Dr. Lisa, companion animal medicine has held her passions. “The interactions between humans and people are so much more important than many realize.” Dr. Lisa exclusively runs house calls. Allowing for her to get a true insight into the family-pet dynamic. “You learn a lot about the animal’s health, by entering their environment.” Dr. Lisa mentions how much more relaxed her patients are when they are not excited or anxious about having to go somewhere new.   

When asked, what piece of advice do you always give your patients’ parents, Dr. Lisa responded with, “Nothing in life is free. I feel like I say that at every appointment.” Dr. Lisa understands the importance of the right care and training for your pets. She has dedicated her career to keeping her patients’ parents informed on the best ways to care for them.   

If you want to learn more about how to better take care of your pet, read Dr. Lisa wellness blogs at Everyone involved with the Pet Butler team has a passion for pets and their people, that is why we have been helping take care of your pet’s play area since 1988.   


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