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Recommended Types of Dog Toys to Buy for your Furry Friend

The warm weather and summer vacations make it easier to work on dog training and dedicate time to establishing a strong bond with your pet. One of the most common questions new pet owners ask are what are the best dog toys to buy or recommended chew toys that are safe and indestructible for dogs? Here’s the scoop on some kinds of dog toys to check out!

Interactive & Chew Dog Toys to Buy

There are a ton of exciting new and old-stand by toys guaranteed to keep your dog busy for hours. Interactive dog toys can stimulate your dogs senses and the best interactive dog toys include unique features that peak your dogs interest like unusual sounds from dog squeeker toys, movements and contents. Finding the best chew toy is a little bit like the story of the three bears. You want one that is not too hard to avoid teeth damage, nor too soft that the toy gets destroyed within minutes. Not only can dog chew toys provide stimulation to keep your dog’s mind and body busy, but some promote good dental hygiene too!

Interactive dog toys are a fabulous routine buster and a great diversion on hot weather or rainy days. Made of cotton canvas, non-toxic dye, and industrial grade polypropylene rope, Mr. Dog Toy New York makes a trophy collection interactive dog toys suitable for fetching, tugging, and chewing that can be purchased online. We’re fascinated that a stuffed toy like this is durable for your dog to put to the test! There’s also several other interactive dog toys you can find such as puzzles, treat dispensing chew toys, and tugging. The positive reinforcement and mental stimulation are sure to have them coming back for more!

Elk Antlers, bully sticks, and synthetic rubber toys made by Kong are all found side by side on the pet store shelves and are great chews to offer your dog. Important considerations include the durability of these dog toys, as they are meant to be long-lasting. Another recommendation is to identify where the chew is sourced. Salmonella and E.coli have been found on rawhide’s not made in America, so its recommended to buy local.

Dental Dog Chews & Treats

Some dental dog chews are specifically designed and approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) to facilitate the removal of plaque by mechanical forces and impede bacterial growth. Do consider that any edible treat adds calories to your pet’s diet. Check labels and know that treats should only contribute 10% to overall intake.

Oravet daily dental hygiene chews, sold through your veterinarian, loosen and scrub away existing plaque and a special ingredient works to create a barrier preventing new bacteria from attaching. No more bad breath! Best yet, they smell like vanilla and dogs love them. Greenies and Virbac CET chews are other products approved by the VOHC to improve oral hygiene and reduce plaque and tartar. These can be found at your local big box pet retailer.

It’s always best to closely monitor your dog when they consume dental treats & play with chew toys. Pieces can break off and become lodged in the gastrointestinal tract or swallowed whole and quickly cause an obstruction. Here’s to safe play time and less chewing on the couch, walls and shoes!

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