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Hi, I’m Rick Diaz, Operations Manager of Pet Butler Batavia, IL. If you’re looking for professional and local pooper scooper services in Batavia, Pet Butler is the dog poop scooping service for you. We are trained and insured professional dog poop scoopers.

Dogs are amazing, but becoming a pet owner means you will spend a lot of time cleaning up the poop after your pooch. If you usually leave dog waste out in the yard to dry, you should know that pet waste contains harmful toxins. These toxins will end up in the ground and find their way to nearby lakes, rivers and water tables.

It is understandable that you might not feel like cleaning up your yard after a long day at work. You probably have a lot of other things to do around the house. Using a pet waste removal service will help you save time so you can focus on important things or relax with your family.

Pet Butler of Batavia, IL can take care of the dog poop and offer other services such as Dog Poop Scooping Service, Commercial Pet Waste Removal Service, and Service Notification Alerts.

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Too 'Pooped' to Scoop?

Pet Butler is dedicated to professional pet waste cleanup and removal. Uniformed Pet Butler technicians will tidy up just about anything - from residential yards to apartments or HOA's - and they do so with world class service!

Pet Butler will not only make life more convenient and enjoyable, but safe for the entire family. Especially the four-legged family members! Your yard will be meticulously cleaned on a regular schedule.