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Westchester, IL

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Most pet owners love their dog, but not so much cleaning up the poop that they can leave behind. That is why there is now a professional pooper scooper service in Westchester, IL that will come out and scoop the poop for you!

Hiring a Westchester pooper scooper service means that your yard will be clean and safe for you and your pet to enjoy. With Pet Butler, you don’t have to worry about stepping in dog poop. Our professional pet waste technicians take care of the poop cleanup at an affordable rate with regularly scheduled service.

Approaching each client with care and having your best interest in mind, Pet Butler Westchester is here for your pet waste removal needs. Our professional poop scooping service is reliable, affordable and hiring Pet Butler is just a convenience that many people enjoy.

From residential to commercial properties, we service hundreds of yards and properties in the Westchester area and there is not a poop scooping job too small or large.

If you’re ready to check off poop scooping from your chore list and leave the disgusting job to us, give us a call or sign up today!

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Too 'Pooped' to Scoop?

Pet Butler is dedicated to professional pet waste cleanup and removal. Uniformed Pet Butler technicians will tidy up just about anything - from residential yards to apartments or HOA's - and they do so with world class service!

Pet Butler will not only make life more convenient and enjoyable, but safe for the entire family. Especially the four-legged family members! Your yard will be meticulously cleaned on a regular schedule.