• When it’s time for some outdoor fun, the last thing you need is a messy yard. We stop by and scoop poop on a regular schedule, so you can come home to a clean and healthy yard you and your pets to enjoy.

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  • Pet Butler provides dog poop scooping services and pet waste removal to homes and multi-family communities. Since 1988, Pet Butler has been #1 in the "#2" business, providing the best in "pooper scooper service" and sanitation with professional service to 1,000's of clients across North America.

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  • Hello, we're Bob and Janet Dailey, your local Pet Waste Removal experts! Our team at Pet Butler knows the importance of a fresh and clean yard. So don't let the poop pile up, sign up today!

Services We Provide

  • Dog Poop Scooping Service

  • Flea & Tick Spray

  • Service Notification Alerts

  • Cat Litter Box Swap

  • Yard Odor Eliminator & Deodorizer

  • Commercial Scooping Service

  • Deck & Patio Spray