Commercial Pet Waste Stations

We understand how important it is to keep communities clean by picking up dog poop. Pet Butler sells, installs and services top quality dog waste stations as part of a complete commercial waste management program for HOA’s, apartment complexes, condominiums, parks and more. Our dog waste stations help maintain a safe, clean environment and allow your residents and visitors to easily throw away the pet waste safely and responsibly!

Dog poop is one pollutant that can leave a big, negative impact if left unmanaged as it contains bacteria and parasites. The pet poop stations will enable you to have peace of mind knowing that your commercial property such as a business, municipality, dog park or apartment complex is poop-free.

Dog Waste Stations for Commercial Properties 

Our Pet Butler team will prepare a personalized plan for your commercial property or business that will meet your needs and budget. A poop-free property results in more happier tenants and visitors more likely to come back. The pet waste stations come equipped with a single pull bag dispenser and pet waste receptacle to easily dispose the dog waste.

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What is a pet waste station?

Also called “dog poop stations,”  these are pet clean-up stations, mounted receptacles labeled for pet waste disposal. Our pet waste stations come equipped with a single roll bag dispenser along with the receptacle. This allows dog owners to easily dispose of their pet’s waste.

What does the pet waste station service include?

Understanding that every commercial property’s dog poop situation is unique, Pet Butler will:

  • Install the dog waste station at your HOA’s, apartment complex, condo, park and more.
  • Remove the disposed dog poop bags from the pet waste station and take with us.
  • Refill the doggie poop bags to encourage responsible pet waste disposal at your property.

Where are pet waste stations utilized?

Pet waste stations can be installed in any public or common property where there is undisposed dog poop. Examples include outdoor common areas on retail or commercial properties, any perimeter where dogs are present, apartment and condominium complexes, HOA-managed residential communities, municipal properties, and of course, dog parks.

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