Service Notification Alerts

When you sign up for dog poop removal service, we give you the option to receive service notification alerts.  This service instructs your Pet Butler technician to call or text you to let you know we will be arriving at your home soon.  This is an added security benefit to you so that you are aware someone will be on your property and provides you ample time to bring your dog inside while we do the pet waste cleanup.

Alerts On Your Phone

The Pet Butler team is fully bonded and insured, wears a clean and orderly uniform, and our pet waste removal trucks are clearly identifiable so you and your neighbors know when your professional pooper scooper is at your home or property. This is all part of our commitment to your security in keeping your family and pets safe.

The best part is, you don’t have to be home while our Pet Butler technician removes dog waste from your yard! We’ll ask that you leave the gate unlocked, and we will make sure to lock the gate once we’re done with the dog poop cleanup. Automated text and service notification alerts let you know your yard is ready for you to enjoy.

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*Not available in all locations

Pet Butler has been actively providing pet waste cleanup and removal since 1988! Our professional service is ideal for residential and commercial properties. Enter your address to see if service is available in your area.

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