Dog Potty Training Aids

Want to teach your dog to stop urinating near your beautiful seasonal plants and flowers? We’ve got pawesome potty training items for our furry friends!

Potty Training Your Dog

“Don’t Go There” can be sprinkled anywhere you want to teach your dog not to go in specific areas like gardens, patio, or any other forbidden areas. The Piddle Post is an 8-inch stake that is placed in the yard and encourages your dog to potty only in a certain area. The Piddle Post lasts up to 3 months and is installed by a Pet Butler technician.

When used together, these potty training aids are the perfect way to assist in training your dog where to go and where not to go.

Contact us to order these great potty training aids and you’ll be relieved our furry friends “go” where you want them.


*Not available in all locations

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