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What is Giardia Disease?

Whipworms are intestinal parasites which are about 1/4 inch (6 mm) long. They live in the cecum and colon of dogs where they cause severe irritation to the lining of those organs. This results in watery, bloody diarrhea, weight loss, and general debilitation. They are one of the most pathogenic worms found in dogs . … Continued

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What Does Healthy Dog Poop Look Like?

Why must inspiration always strike in the wee hours of the morning? Perhaps it’s because we have had a dearth of calls regarding unusually colored stool and, let’s just say it, diarrhea.  Perhaps it’s because I am dreading the dog waste to be revealed after the great snow melt this weekend. Regardless, let’s get to … Continued

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Meet Dr. Lisa – Our In-House Clinical Consultant

Dr. Lisa is Pet Butler’s in-house clinical consultant on all things Pet Wellness. She has been working with the Pet Butler to help keep all the pet owners up to date on the latest pet wellness news!    Dr. Lisa is part of a large family of 8 and yes, that does include her three dogs. … Continued

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