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Pet Transport: Local One Way or Round Trip Pet Shuttle Service

Your workday ends at four on Friday and your middle schooler has soccer practice until six. You still have to make dinner, but wait! The family pooch has a grooming session scheduled late that afternoon, and you might need to reschedule because you just don’t have the time.

Looking for affordable pet transportation to take your dog to appointments? Let Pet Butler take your dog to and from their appointments with pet shuttle service*!

Local Pet Shuttle Service

While busier lifestyles have become the norm in our society, successful individuals continually strive to maintain a work-life balance. When that balance includes dog ownership, Pet Butler is here to help. In addition to our flagship dog waste cleanup and removal service, consider our convenient pet shuttle service* as your local pet taxi.

While you shuttle your two-legged family members to and from school, extracurricular activities, appointments and events, let our dog shuttle service transport your four-legged family members to and from doggie daycare, the grooming salon, or the veterinarian.

Our Pet Shuttle* service vehicles have been specifically designed to provide safe and comfortable dog transport services. The inside cabin area is climate-controlled with both heating and air conditioning to ensure your pet remains comfortable while in transit. The inside of the pet shuttle* features kennels of various sizes, securely fastened to the inside cabin. This allows us to provide safe, secure pet transport services to virtually any size dog.

Each kennel has a raised rubber mat on the floor to catch any incidental potties your dog might make while being transported. Finally, the shuttle driver is appropriately licensed and insured, in addition to being a “dog person.”

How easy is it to become a Pet Shuttle* user with Pet Butler? 

Very easy! All we ask is that you schedule a one-time “meet and greet” consultation prior to using our dog shuttle service. This only takes about ten minutes and allows the team to get acquainted with the dog(s) as well as the pet owner.

We will learn a bit about your dog’s personality and any special needs while providing more information about picking up and dropping off your pet. After that, you can call to schedule our dog transport services at any time. If you acquire a new dog, schedule another initial meeting. It’s that simple.

How might you use the new pet shuttle service* from Pet Butler?

Whether for daily transport to or from your dog sitter or doggie day care facility or only occasional help getting your dog to or from the veterinarian or groomer, count on the safe, reliable, bonded and insured professionals at Pet Butler to make your life easier. Whether one way or round trip, you can schedule either recurring dog transport services or one-time service and let Pet Butler take it from there. It’s like having an additional car and driver available just for your special furry family member.

How much does it cost to transport a dog?

Pet shuttle* is your affordable pet transportation service. With rates as low as $25 for one-way transport service and $40 for round trip. Frequent users may qualify for discounts. If your dog has unusual needs, such as requiring a private shuttle service or needing to get picked up when the owner is not at home, please contact us to discuss how we may be able to accommodate you.

We at Pet Butler understand how important your dog is to you. We also understand how busy life can become. That’s why we’ve developed our local dog shuttle service with both you and your pet in mind. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would simply like to learn more about our exciting new service, visit

*Only available in the greater Naperville area.

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