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The Need For Speed: Zoomies Explained

Nothing is more entertaining than when your dog suddenly goes from 0 to 100. This huge burst of energy is known as “FRAP” or Frenetic Random Activity Period, more commonly known as the “zoomies.” Zoomies are frantic, repetitive activities such as running laps around the yard, racing in figure 8 patterns around the sofa, or … Continued

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Dog DNA Testing

From Ancestry to Health Insights Utilizing only a tiny fraction of your dog’s DNA, emerging technology can potentially aid pet owners, veterinarians, and breeders in multiple ways. These advancements enable the determination of ancestry, uncover genetic predispositions for various diseases and reveal traits like muzzle length and ball-retrieving ability. Additionally, this innovative approach can shed … Continued

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The Importance of Spaying and Neutering Your Pet 

Over the past few decades, veterinary medicine has witnessed remarkable advancements: injectable long-acting antibiotics, DNA testing for genetic diseases, digital X-rays, and telehealth platforms. However, amidst these changes, one message has remained constant: the importance of spaying or neutering your pet. The evidence supporting this practice is compelling, as it helps prevent pet overpopulation, shelter … Continued

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Puppy Playtime: How to Keep Your Pet Active and Engaged

The First 48 Hours Welcoming a new puppy can be both exhilarating and chaotic. In the first 48 hours, you can expect to clean up many accidents, but there will also be plenty of opportunities for napping and snuggling with your new furry friend. You will want to contact your veterinarian to schedule a first … Continued

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4 Dog Behavioral Issues and How to Correct Them

We are so attached to our beloved canine companions, sharing everything from ice cream cones to our pillows it can be hard to remember that they aren’t just tiny humans. However, watch them welcome each other nose to rear at the dog park or keep busy digging a 4-foot hole in your flower bed. You’ll … Continued

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Training Options for Your Dog

Dogs are intelligent, social creatures and training provides them the tools to lead safe, happy, and enriched lives and deepen bonds with their humans and other animals. No two dogs are identical, so their training instruction should be tailored based on health, age, personality, breed, lifestyle, and specific tasks. Training Methods We are constantly learning … Continued

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Signs Your Dog Is Stressed and How To Relieve Anxiety in Your Pet

Ommmmmm…… As I sit with my legs crossed, hands to the heavens, and eyes closed, I can almost feel myself becoming one with the universe.  It is no secret that regular exercise and breathing deeply helps the body release natural feel-good chemicals. Which, in turn, can promote a better night’s sleep and sharper thinking.  Physiologically, … Continued

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questions about dogs

Answers to Top Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs

Anatomically and physiologically dogs share a lot of common characteristics with other mammals, including humans! But some of their behaviors and physical differences leave us scratching our heads asking, “Why do they do that?” Let’s answer some of those frequently asked questions about dogs and as always, I welcome feedback and am happy to answer … Continued

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Training Tips for Your Dog

As a “pet parent”, it can be easy to overlook some behaviors that others find undesirable and that may cause you occasional grief. To be a good citizen of the world, safeguard your pet around other dogs and humans, give them a “job” and mental stimulation, and receive the maximum enjoyment pet ownership can provide, … Continued

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