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Hot Pavements and Hot Cars During the Hot Seasons

    June 2021 was the hottest June recorded in 127 years. While many of us can stay indoors in our air-conditioned homes, zoom-ing in to work from afar, we still need physical activity, to run errands, and deal with the heat on occasion. Being a pup owner means that we like to take our dogs with us when we are doing running around but you need to be careful.  … Continued

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Cold Weather Dogs

Cold Weather Safety for Dogs

Shifts in weather are felt more acutely by our pets who can take longer to acclimate to outdoor changes, which is why we need to help keep them safe in cold weather.

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toxic mushrooms

Mushroom Dog Poisoning: Toxic Mushrooms to Avoid

As we know, summer and fall bring a unique set of seasonal scares for pet owning families. In addition to an increase in parasite exposure such as fleas and ticks, wild animal encounters, and dog park injuries, exposure to certain environmental toxins also peaks. Toxic mushrooms are one such hazard and they multiply in the … Continued

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fourth of july dog

Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

With all the excitement and preparation that occurs as we celebrate our nation’s independence on the Fourth of July, often our dogs get left out. While we’re busy enjoying food, drinks, summertime sun, and fireworks, our unattended pets may be hiding under the bed or in the bathtub, and are more fearful than festive. What … Continued

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