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Pet Dog Subscription Boxes By Dr Lisa

Chosen Dog Subscription Boxes By Dr. Lisa

One of the more popular new trends among dog owners is purchasing “subscription boxes” for their pets. These subscription boxes have been seen in other industries like cosmetics, self-care, and fashion. Dog subscription boxes include items like toys, treats, chews, grooming supplies, and other pooch-related gear. While most of the popular subscription brands are high quality, it can be hard to know which services provide the … Continued

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Heatstroke and Dogs

With summer in full force and temperatures continuing to rise, responsible pet owners must once again monitor the climate’s effect on our dogs as they become at risk of overheating and heatstroke.

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dog mind

Inside the Mind of Dogs

How do we measure dog intelligence? What makes one dog’s breed “smarter” than another? How smart are dogs, and what really goes on inside those fuzzy little heads?

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dog anxiety

Pets and Separation Anxiety

Among veterinarians, there is an overall sense of unease and concern that a wave of abandoned and maladjusted pooches will fill the shelters when stay-at-home restrictions are eased. The best thing to do is prevent separation anxiety among your pets in the first place. While we shelter in place, this can be difficult, but not impossible, to achieve.

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