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How Do I Give My Pet Medicine?

Giving your pup medication isn’t always the easiest task; humans aren’t the only ones who don’t like taking pills or swallowing a bitter liquid. Just one lick of medication can make some dogs suspicious of anything that’s not beef jerky.  Luckily, there are alternatives to the traditional offensive tasting medicine and ways to get your dog to take them. Just make sure to follow your veterinarian’s instructions as some … Continued

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Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

One of the more peculiar behaviors some dogs exhibit is called pica – a psychological disorder characterized by the desire to consume largely non-nutritive substances. For dogs, while they may also target leaves and sticks, pica is most commonly represented in the tendency to eat grass. Dogs that eat grass do so for a variety … Continued

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Puppy going to the vet

Veterinary Visits During These Unprecedented Times

This year has been profound for many reasons, although one stands out among the rest; the Coronavirus pandemic, which exploded in early spring, has led to the end of modern-day economic stability. While responsibilities can sometimes be difficult to recognize, especially right now, it’s important to do what we can for ourselves and each other … Continued

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Signs Your Pet is in Pain

Much like a pediatrician who relies on non-verbal clues to indicate a patient’s health status, veterinarians become acutely aware of both mental and physical pain by observing a dog’s body and behavior.

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