Commercial Scooping Service

Pet Butler offers pet waste cleanup services for residential and all types of commercial properties. If you have a dog poop or goose waste removal issue and need a professional pooper scooper, we are your solution for condominiums, HOAs, apartments, parks, dog runs, and professional office buildings. Pet Butler is locally owned and operated, and serves the communities in which we live. We’re a dog owner’s best friend and a Home Owner’s Association Board’s favorite service! We are your pet waste removal service solution for your commercial property regardless if the poop scooping job is big or small.

Partnering with Commercial Properties for Dog Poop Services 

Our trained and insured technician will come to your commercial property or business and prepare a customized quote that will meet your needs and most importantly, your budget. As a commercial property with dog poop cleanup issues, you will experience the same quality and professionalism that our residential customers have. We scoop the poop, take the dog waste with us, and your property is clear of pet waste ready for your patrons to enjoy. The result of a poop-free property results in more tenants and people desiring to visit or live in the property.

Commercial Services Available:

  • One Time Initial Cleaning
    • We will service the designated areas for pet waste, clean it up and remove it from the property.
  • Install Pet Waste Stations
    • We can install pet waste stations, allowing pet owners to take responsibility for their pets. Learn more about our Pet Waste Station services.
  • Service New & Existing Pet Waste Stations
    • We maintain & service existing pet waste stations which includes disposal of waste and refilling of bags.
  • Recurring Cleaning of Common Areas
    • We will come back with a frequency that meets your communitys’ needs and budget.
      • Once a week
      • Twice a week
      • Monthly scooping
      • Quarterly cleaning
      • One-time initial cleaning

Call us today at 1-800-738-2885 to receive a quote or fill out our form to let Pet Butler be your professional pooper scooper or to order pet waste stations for your commercial property.

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